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5 Things High Demand Employers Do to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Two big challenges all companies face: turnover and keeping people happy. The average company loses over 25 percent of its staff annually. (Yikes.) Those who remain are often not fully engaged and maybe even looking for their next opportunity. Losing smart, productive people with native knowledge of the business, key contacts in your industry, and […]

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Nearly 1,000 Iowa Junior High Students Learned to Code Today. That’s Good News.

Today, with the help of the AIM Institute, nearly 1,000 students at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Council Bluffs learned the fundamentals of computer programming as part of the international Hour of Code initiative.  Principal Mike Naughton expressed his excitement over every student getting a firsthand experience with coding during their science classes. “Anytime […]

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How to launch your tech career with our new tech talent ecosystem tool

The AIM Institute exists to forge a stronger tech ecosystem in the Silicon Prairie, a region gaining considerable attention for its undersung role in tech innovation. From the beginning, we’ve implemented programs to generate new tech talent, match existing talent with employers, and celebrate technology and the minds who make it. Now, we are becoming the one-stop […]

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Upcoming 2019 AIM Tech Celebration Fosters Connections, Creativity’s Most Important Element

“The source of every new idea is the same…a network of neurons in the brain, and then the network shifts. All of a sudden, electricity flows in an unfamiliar pattern…But sometimes a single network isn’t enough. Sometimes a creative problem is so difficult that it requires people to connect their imaginations together; the answer arrives […]

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5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a New Employee

Whether a company employs ten people or one-thousand, choosing who to hire when a new position comes open has a tremendous effect on not only the company’s well-being, but also the performance and productivity of the team members already in place. By planning ahead, you can give yourself a better chance at hiring the right […]

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Time Management Tips for Job Seekers

When searching for a new job, it can be easy to get distracted or feel down after not getting a position you wanted. When negative emotions occur, you can get thrown off your routine and you may even end up missing the job you want as a result. Part of a successful job search is […]

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AIM Upward Bound Summer Academy Registration Now Open

AIM Institute is now accepting registrations for the 2019 Upward Bound Summer Academy, an immersive summer experience for all AIM Upward Bound students who want to explore careers and college in a fun way. The Summer Academy runs from June 10 to July 19 and is free for participants. Summer Academy continues the intensive education […]

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