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What Is Recruiting Workflow And How To Use It Effectively

Recruiting workflow is the overall process of recruiting fitting candidates for the positions within your company. This process can vary wildly depending on the companies attempting to recruit. It may also depend on different job positions. As any good company would know, knowledge is valuable. So the best way to start a recruiting workflow would […]

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Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

On the off chance that you don’t know what employee turnover is, allow me to explain. Employee turnover is the process of replacing an employee with another for a plethora of reasons. Turnover can be due to the need for different skills in that position. That position may have become vacant for other reasons as […]

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Top 10 Summer Jobs For Students

As a student myself I’m pretty familiar with the struggle of whether or not to get a job over the summer. Including the struggle to find one that works and pays well. I’ve watched many of my friends struggle with just this issue, so I hope to help alleviate the stress and difficulty of finding […]

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Best Practices in Job Applicant Attribution (aka. Why don’t my metrics match yours?)

We wanted to taken a moment to talk about how companies track applicant attribution and the challenges and opportunities it presents in shaping our understanding of the world of online recruiting.   What is Job Applicant Attribution? Quite simply, it’s the way an organization determines how job applicants are finding their positions both online and […]

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Brilliant People of Omaha: Denise Hoag, Computer Science Teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School

Denise Hoag is a computer science teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs where she teaches programming, app development, computer science engineering and web design. We recently talked to Denise about her position at TJ and the growing STEM field.

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Brilliant People of Omaha: Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director, Do Space

Rebecca Stavick is the executive director of Do Space, a digital library, tech space and community lab located on 72nd and Dodge in Omaha, Nebraska. The space opened last November thanks to the efforts of Heritage Services and community leaders. Since it’s opening, Do Space has had over 70,000 visits and continues to develop new programs […]

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Brilliant People of Omaha: Steve Kaniewski, Group President, Valmont

  Steve Kaniewski is the Group President of the utilities division at Valmont Industries. Valmont is the supplier of a wide range of infrastructure products including everything from center pivot irrigation machines to traffic lighting to utility poles. Steve is also the the Vice Chair of our AIM board of directors. He has been involved […]

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