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AIM Upward Bound Summer Academy Registration Now Open

AIM Institute is now accepting registrations for the 2019 Upward Bound Summer Academy, an immersive summer experience for all AIM Upward Bound students who want to explore careers and college in a fun way. The Summer Academy runs from June 10 to July 19 and is free for participants. Summer Academy continues the intensive education […]

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Spring Break! AIM Accompanies Upward Bound Students on a Five College Campus Tour through Oklahoma, Texas

Last week, AIM Institute accompanied 28 Upward Bound students from Bryan and Papillion-La Vista high schools on a spring break college campus tour through Oklahoma and Texas. The trip capped eight months of planning and a school year’s worth of TRiO-Upward Bound programming. (TRiO and Upward Bound are grant-funded programs that help prepare underserved students […]

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AIM Institute Brings Ozobots to Abraham Lincoln

On Thursday, the AIM Brain Exchange participated in a tech-themed lunch & learn for students at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs. AIM’s Brain Exchange team brought pizza, soda, colored markers, easel paper and Ozobots—tiny, bubble-shaped robots made to teach kids about programming in a fun way.   “I call it coding visually,” said […]

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Make Believe Studio’s Keith Rodger on AI, Education, and Technology in Music

From the earliest flutes carved out of bird bone and mammoth tusks 43,000 years ago to the AI composers of today, music has always exploited the latest technology. Keith Rodger thinks about it constantly. As recording engineer at Omaha’s Make Believe Studios—as well as music producer, musician, songwriter, part owner of the Make Believe Recordings […]

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AIM Institute Helps Eighth Graders Learn to Code in an Hour

Over 150 eighth-graders at Omaha’s Monroe Middle School learned the fundamentals of coding Monday for the international Hour of Code. Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to prove that anyone can learn the basics of coding. Shane Barsell and Erin Lassiter of AIM Institute guided students in Paula Limbach’s eighth-grade […]

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3D Printing with AIM Institute

Have you ever printed out an assignment on paper for school? Obviously, sure. How about a violin? Ever printed a musical instrument before? Maybe not so much. But with a 3D printer and about $70 worth of materials, you can print your own playable acoustic violin, called the Hovalin. It really works, and if you know […]

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AIM TRiO Talent Search students to compete in underwater robot wars

Students in the AIM  TRIO Talent Search after school programs at Monroe Middle School started the planning and design of underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). The ROV kits are comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts from SeaPerch, an innovative underwater robotics program. As the result of a vote to select the best design concept, students chose the Sea Ship […]

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