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Best Practices in Job Applicant Attribution (aka. Why don’t my metrics match yours?)

We wanted to taken a moment to talk about how companies track applicant attribution and the challenges and opportunities it presents in shaping our understanding of the world of online recruiting.   What is Job Applicant Attribution? Quite simply, it’s the way an organization determines how job applicants are finding their positions both online and […]

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Land the Perfect Gig in 5 Easy Steps

The economy is humming along and you’re thinking about finally activating your passive job search. Employers are hiring but you want to make sure your next move is the right one for your career. Here are a few tips that might be helpful as you prepare to take the leap. Write down a wish list […]

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5 Things High Demand Employers Do to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Two big challenges all companies face: turnover and keeping people happy. The average company loses over 25 percent of its staff annually. (Yikes.) Those who remain are often not fully engaged and maybe even looking for their next opportunity. Losing smart, productive people with native knowledge of the business, key contacts in your industry, and […]

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5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a New Employee

Whether a company employs ten people or one-thousand, choosing who to hire when a new position comes open has a tremendous effect on not only the company’s well-being, but also the performance and productivity of the team members already in place. By planning ahead, you can give yourself a better chance at hiring the right […]

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Time Management Tips for Job Seekers

When searching for a new job, it can be easy to get distracted or feel down after not getting a position you wanted. When negative emotions occur, you can get thrown off your routine and you may even end up missing the job you want as a result. Part of a successful job search is […]

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Are You an Extrovert? Look for These Jobs First

Recently, we wrote about the top jobs for introverts. This week, it’s time to take a look at the opposite end of the personality spectrum and examine the top jobs for extroverts. We all know an extrovert or two—someone who makes friends wherever they go, love to tell stories, and get refreshed by being in […]

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How to create a winning job application video

Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have all implemented video as part of their interviewing process, in an effort to save on time and costs, and shorten recruitment times. A recent survey by Right Management found that 18% of applicants had participated in a video interview in the previous year. If you have an important […]

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