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Benefits of a workplace mentorship program

No matter what size of business you’re involved with, developing the talents and skills of your existing workforce is a critical part of your long-term company’s success. In most cases, it’s more efficient, less costly, and more productive to better train the employees you have than to try to replace them with new hires. The […]

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Former Husker and NFL Pro Tony Veland Scores Touchdowns for Tech

Not everyone can be an athlete, but everyone can learn. That’s the advice one-time Nebraska Husker Tony Veland has. Veland, Director of Community Engagement for AIM Institute, played for the University of Nebraska from 1991 to 1995, first as a quarterback, then as a free safety. After graduation, he was drafted into the NFL. He […]

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Digital Citizenship in a Flood

The worst flood in recent memory hit Nebraska this month, causing over $1.3 billion in damages and forcing at least 4,000 people to evacuate their homes. Although traditional news outlets reported on the devastating event, social media coverage quickly outpaced traditional coverage. People’s timelines and newsfeeds became saturated with images of calamity: floodwaters rising to […]

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Women in Tech: Noni Williams

Whenever someone would ask Noni Williams what she wanted to do with her interest in math and technology, she would start to answer honestly. She wanted to be the problem solver she saw herself as when she was the little girl at the front of the classroom, scratching out algorithms and bad poetry in her […]

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AIM Infotec 2019 is almost here – Have you registered yet?

Few things are certain in this world, but one thing is. And that’s the fact that change is constant––especially in the world of technology. AIM Infotec returns to the Embassy Suites La Vista on April 1 and 2. The annual tech conference is designed to help attendees stay ahead of the tech curve and gain […]

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How to answer everyone’s least favorite interview question

More often than not, interviews will follow a standard flow and line of questioning. You’ll be asked about previous positions you’ve worked, highest level of education you’ve achieved, relevant skills for the position, and questions about why you’re leaving or left your previous job. Along with the standard banter, there are always a few questions […]

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Spring Break! AIM Accompanies Upward Bound Students on a Five College Campus Tour through Oklahoma, Texas

Last week, AIM Institute accompanied 28 Upward Bound students from Bryan and Papillion-La Vista high schools on a spring break college campus tour through Oklahoma and Texas. The trip capped eight months of planning and a school year’s worth of TRiO-Upward Bound programming. (TRiO and Upward Bound are grant-funded programs that help prepare underserved students […]

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How Volunteering Can Give You An Advantage In The Job Market

When it comes to finding a job in a labor market which seems to be ever more cramped, it’s vital to make sure that your resume stands out to all recruiters and employers who might read it. It’s no longer the case that a part-time job will cut it: now, it’s necessary to go above […]

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