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The Importance of Team Wellbeing

The Importance of Team Wellbeing It seems more than ever in these unprecedented times that stress is a hot topic for team wellbeing. While “unprecedented times” seems to be a cliché, there is recent data from the American Psychological Association that supports that 70% of surveyed working adults view work as a major source of […]

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Having the Hard Conversation

Having the Hard Conversation Certainly one of, if not the most difficult, exercise in working with others is to have conversations around difficult subjects. You always hear that one should stay away from the “3rd rail” of conversational topics – Religion, Politics and “Do I look okay in this outfit?” come to mind.  Yet if […]

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SQL Saturday offers SQL Server, business intelligence and analytics training

SQLSaturday is a conference style day-long free training event for SQL Server professionals, developers, management and those wanting to learn about all aspects of SQL Server. It is taking place this Saturday, October 27. Admittance to this event is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships. The schedule includes sessions on security, application and […]

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Three Tips for Developing a Great To-Do List

Most jobs require us to multi-task in one form or another, which is why working on our day-to-day tasks requires a lot of careful planning and organization if want to execute our projects and tasks efficiently and successfully.

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3 Ways to Help Employees Understand the Big Picture

We’ve talked about why a company’s mission should read loud and clear and explained that a well-executed mission impacts employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. So, now let’s explore how mission and communication play into a team’s understanding of the “big picture.” If leadership focuses too much on long-term goals, they run the risk of boring employees, or even worse, alienating […]

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How to unlock your maximum potential

Many of us believe we have higher potential, but we don’t know how to reach it. Often when we think of reaching our maximum potential, we start by comparing ourselves to others when it really should be personal. Reaching your maximum potential comes down to defining and reaching your own personal goals, and knowing yourself […]

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How Gallup’s EP10 can help shape your business or startup

Last week we talked to Dr. Sangeeta Bharadwaj-Badal, the Principle Scientist of Entrepreneurship & Job Creation at Gallup, about how managers can use assessments like the Entrepreneurial Profile 10 (EP10) to help shape their team of employees. Below you’ll find an explanation of the assessment, and tips on how to use the results to maximize […]

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