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AIM Institute Brings Ozobots to Abraham Lincoln

On Thursday, the AIM Brain Exchange participated in a tech-themed lunch & learn for students at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs. AIM’s Brain Exchange team brought pizza, soda, colored markers, easel paper and Ozobots—tiny, bubble-shaped robots made to teach kids about programming in a fun way.   “I call it coding visually,” said […]

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Find the right tech career with a career coach

Jobs in the technology sector are white hot right now; tech sector jobs grew by as many as 13,500 positions as recently as November 2018. If you’re a student looking to break into an in-demand field, or just looking for a career change, a job in technology may be the right career path to pursue. […]

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Women in Tech: Kaitlyn Hova

Growing up, Kaitlyn Hova thought programming sounded extremely dull, thanks to her father, who worked as a software engineer for various credit card companies. “He worked in an office, and it was just the most boring life I could ever imagine,” Hova says. “I was never going to be a software engineer, ever. I just […]

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Make Believe Studio’s Keith Rodger on AI, Education, and Technology in Music

From the earliest flutes carved out of bird bone and mammoth tusks 43,000 years ago to the AI composers of today, music has always exploited the latest technology. Keith Rodger thinks about it constantly. As recording engineer at Omaha’s Make Believe Studios—as well as music producer, musician, songwriter, part owner of the Make Believe Recordings […]

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AIM IT Emerging Leaders Program helps professionals plan an IT career path that works for them

Registration is now open for AIM IT Emerging Leaders Program. There are a lot of people who have been good technical employees––whether in a role as a programmer, network engineer, business analyst or project manager––but wondering whether they want to make a transition into more of a leadership or management role within their organization. The […]

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10 Job Hunting Tips for Soon-to-Be College Grads

Before you know it, spring graduation ceremonies will commence for college seniors. And with those ceremonies will come a whole new era of candidates entering the job market. If you’re a student on the hunt for what you’ll do once your time at your university wraps up, there’s good news: The job market right now […]

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AIM Institute Helps Eighth Graders Learn to Code in an Hour

Over 150 eighth-graders at Omaha’s Monroe Middle School learned the fundamentals of coding Monday for the international Hour of Code. Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to prove that anyone can learn the basics of coding. Shane Barsell and Erin Lassiter of AIM Institute guided students in Paula Limbach’s eighth-grade […]

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Eric Swanson, aka Deejay Sweetlife, Engineers Happiness through Technology Thanks to AIM and the Interface Web School

He wanted to know “how the things that control us work.” He took a 12-week Java class at the AIM Interface School. Then he took another one on web development. And then, everything began to fall into place. Over the years, Eric Swanson has gone from marching the storied lawns of West Point to playing […]

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