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Interface Web School graduate Alyssa Wilson wants more people to know tech is cool

“I feel like Interface lit the fire in me to be more aggressive with accomplishing what I want in my life,” says Alyssa Wilson, a graduate of the Interface Web School. After a career in visual publications and graphic design, Alyssa now works as a software development engineer at Fiserv, which provides technology solutions to […]

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Students and Industry Work Together at MCC’s Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology

If you hate sitting in a chair eight hours a day learning, you’ll love the Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology at Metropolitan Community College. That’s a message Dr. Thomas Pensabene uses to entice potential students to check out MCC’s advanced prototype design degree, which is offered at the center. “No two days are the […]

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Women in Tech: Kaitlyn Hova

Growing up, Kaitlyn Hova thought programming sounded extremely dull, thanks to her father, who worked as a software engineer for various credit card companies. “He worked in an office, and it was just the most boring life I could ever imagine,” Hova says. “I was never going to be a software engineer, ever. I just […]

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AIM IT Emerging Leaders Program helps professionals plan an IT career path that works for them

Registration is now open for AIM IT Emerging Leaders Program. There are a lot of people who have been good technical employees––whether in a role as a programmer, network engineer, business analyst or project manager––but wondering whether they want to make a transition into more of a leadership or management role within their organization. The […]

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How Interface Web School can help you change careers or gain a competitive edge in your current one

If you’re looking to change careers to a technology focus, or you want to improve your skills in the existing path you’ve chosen, learning programming skills at can be one of the surest ways forward. According to recent research, most of the top ten most in-demand tech jobs predicted for this year are all some […]

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AIM Infotec announces Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® workshops

2019 AIM Infotec is a conference designed to help the tech community gain insights, investigate, ideate and share––and training is one of the greatest benefits the AIM Infotec conference has to offer. This year’s incredible keynote speakers and breakout sessions are still under wraps, but Infotec has announced two of 2019’s exclusive pre-conference workshops to […]

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Interface Web School graduation honors students for accomplishments, perseverance

OMAHA – Twenty-one Interface Web School students, surrounded by family and friends and showered with praise from their instructors, were honored at a celebration Thursday night for completing their Fall 2018 coding classes. The graduation took place at the AIM Exchange Building at 19th and Harney streets in downtown Omaha. The students got certificates of […]

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