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Air Force Civilian Service Mansfield, OH

Job Description


(1) Performs analysis on a wide range of technical squadron functions by analyzing historical and current data and identifying deficiencies or potential problems during surveillances or staff assistance visits. Evaluates unexpected fluctuations or trends in statistics, resolves discrepancies, and makes recommendations for change when problems are identified that adversely affect operations. Performs analysis on current or potential problems identified by flight management. Compares supply performance and maintenance interface data with prescribed standards to identify the effectiveness of supply support. Performs in-depth research and special analyses and makes appropriate recommendations for improvement. Facilitates corrective measures when specific actions are required by other elements. Serves as the point of contact for all customer problems unresolved at flight level. Utilizes computer software programs, spreadsheets, databases and graphics to collect, organize, analyze, display, and/or brief management information to customers and/or squadron management staff. Monitors inventory losses by analyses of inventory discrepancies, adjustments, and trends to ensure the integrity of the base resources management system. Receives incoming shipment discrepancy reports and evaluates and performs analyses on incoming and outgoing reports to ensure the effectiveness of the Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) program.

(2) Develops, coordinates, and publishes local supplements and makes recommendations to assist in the development of major command (MAJCOM) supplements to Air Force (AF) manuals and instructions applying to the Standard Base Supply System (SBSS). Drafts and finalizes operating instructions, which include but are not limited to, alert plans, duty hour, and designation of delivery locations. Recommends changes to higher headquarters when standard procedures are inadequate or erroneous. Documents findings for problems that can not be resolved and forwards compiled data to higher echelons for study and resolution.

****  A more comprehensive detailed description of the position may be found in Position Description "D1958000" in the employing unit or in the Human Resources Office  ****


Military Membership in the Ohio National Guard is required

  • Minimum Military Grade: SSgt/E-5 
  • Maximum Military Grade: MSgt/E-7
  • Compatible Military Assignment: 2S0X1

If you are willing to take a demotion to be considered for this position you must clearly indicate your intentions in your resume.

It is not necessary for applicants to possess the MOS/AFSC listed as compatible to the position in order to apply. It is, however, the applicants responsibility to acquire a compatible MOS/AFSC within 1 year of appointment. Coordinate with your units training representative to determine whether or not you can qualify for a specific MOS/AFSC and/or receive training.

General Experience

Experience, education or training involving administration of supply management, storage, cataloging, packaging and distribution or other work which provided the applicant with a general knowledge of one or more aspects of the supply field. Experience using computer and automation systems.


Specialized Experience:(GS-2001-09) - 24 months experience in which the applicant demonstrates:

Must have at least 24 months experience, education, or training dealing with cost estimates, budgets or funding management. Experience conducting extensive and exhaustive searches for required information; reconstruct records for complex supply transactions; and/or provide supply operations support for supply activities.


SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION: NOTE: College Transcripts are required if you wish to use Education as a substitution for experience or if a degree is a requirement for the position.  A copy of the transcript must be submitted with the Job Application. Study successfully completed in a college, university, technical or vocational school may be substituted for experience at the rate of one year of study (30 semester hours or 20 classroom hours of instruction per week) for 6 months of experience.  Courses must be directly related to the work of the position.  Maximum credit is 6 months of specialized experience.


This position is being announced in accordance with state merit promotion procedures and collective bargaining agreement. Wearing of the appropriate military uniform is required while employed in this position. Permanent change of duty station (PCS) funds are not available. 


If you are an AGR and are selected for this position, you will be required to vacate your AGR status. 


Successful applicant will be assigned to a compatible military position in an appropriate unit of assignment in the Ohio National Guard.


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Other Information

1. Do not send applications to the mailing address or email address on this announcement. Apply only online or via the fax number provided in the section entitled "How to Apply."

2. If you are a current career or career-conditional Federal employee or former Federal employee who has reinstatement eligibility, you must submit a copy of your latest SF-50 "Notification of Personnel Action" and/or a copy of the SF-50 that reflects career or career-conditional tenure, or you will not be considered under the merit promotion process. Also, you should submit your most recent performance appraisal.

3. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

Job Details

Date Posted June 10, 2018
Date Closes July 10, 2018
Requisition 466029800
Located In Mansfield, OH
SOC Category 00-0000.00

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