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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Lincoln, NE

Job TitleRN PRN
Job Code
: 100019
Status: Non-Exempt
Responsible for using clinical data and various assessment tools to plan, coordinate, provide clinical care and evaluate results of interventions, using a holistic approach for optimal quality.  Delivers direct patient care or appropriate delegates to other team members, and manages a group of patients as assigned.   Administers prescribed medications and treatments within scope of practice.  Assesses, re-assesses, and documents patient condition and progress towards goals, reports changes to appropriate team members. Work will be performed in an ethical and legal manner following organizational policies, processes, protocols and procedures. Responsible for quality service delivery and internal/external customer relations for Madonna as a whole, including upholding the mission and values for the department and facility.

  1. Compile, compare, and record patient assessments, patient cares, medications and treatments for documentation of assessments and cares rendered.
  2. Coordinate, compile, analyze and record patient care information to establish and evaluate patientsâ?? progress toward goals and the nursing plan of care.
  3. Instruct patient and family by explanation, demonstration and supervised practice to assist patient to be as independent as possible.
  4. Directly provide, or appropriately delegate, cares, vital signs, treatments and medications as prescribed.
  5. Utilize individual job descriptions, programs, policies and procedures to ensure quality care delivery.
  6. Administer medications as ordered, collaborate with Pharmacy to ensure adequate supplies and documents patient response to medication regimen as appropriate.
  7. Submit billable supply charges to ensure accuracy on patientâ??s accounts.
  8. Apply current research and evidence to expand knowledge.
    1. Mentor patients and their loved ones/families to inform them of patients progress and to provide them emotional support and education as necessary to build towards discharge.
  9. Instruct, train, and acclimate new employees to department policies and procedures.
  10. Interact with physicians/providers and discuss clinical issues for safe patient care.
  11. Discern between significant and insignificant clinical changes in patient status and respond appropriately.
  12. Develop rapport with patients and their families/loved ones by proactive rounding, answering call lights in a timely manner, and keeping patient information boards updated.  Communicates regularly and succinctly with supervisor, physician (if necessary), and other team members regarding patientâ??s condition, response to medications, concerns, and patient goals to ensure quality service delivery.
  13. Provide supervision and delegation for LPN, unlicensed personnel students and nurse residents.
  14. Engage with clinical leadership to provide a safe and therapeutic environment. Take initiative to participate in unit-based and organization responsibilities.
  15. Follow instruction from supervisor to perform other functions as assigned in order to achieve the goals within the department and/or system.
  16. Maintain a clean, organized and safe environment.
  17. Handle and operate all necessary equipment safely following recommended instructions and use.
  18. Perform required duties according to established safety standards to maintain compliance with regulations and prevent injury.
    Medical devices must be kept clean, accessible and in working order. These devices may include, but are not limited to:
    blood glucose monitor
    feeding pump
    paging system
    IV infusion pump
    beds, wheelchairs, stretchers
    trauma tub
    digital wheelchair scale and bed scale
    safe patient handling equipment such as ceiling lift,                                    standing lift, mechanical lift, portable and                                                  stationary
    vital sign monitor
    bladder scanner
  19. Direct reordering and stocking of supplies and medications.
  20. Moving furniture and equipment within the 35 pound weight restriction for safe patient handling.  Seek appropriate assistance as necessary to prevent injury.
    Medium work with frequent lifting.  Manual patient transfer or reposition which does not exceed the equivalent of 35 pounds of force to lift, push or pull. Requires sufficient strength to produce 50 pounds of force to push a wheelchair with a 300-pound individual on level surfaces. Constant walking with maximum duration of up 30 minutes sustained walking on tile, carpet and other surfaces. Frequent standing with sustained periods of up to 1 hour on tile, carpet, and shower surfaces. Frequent sitting with sustained periods of up to 1 hour.  Frequent reaching with both arms at low, waist, and high levels. Frequent grasping of both hands for transfers and repositioning requiring normal grip strength based on national averages. Frequent stooping, bending, and twisting are required for patient care. Constant near visual acuity to evaluate and monitor patients.  Ordinary hearing and speaking skills.  May be exposed to biohazardous materials.
    QUALIFICATIONS (Education/training and/or Experience)
    Must possess and maintain current Nebraska R.N. licensure.  Current Module C CPR certification required.  Proven ability to provide leadership required, two years clinical experience preferred.
    Background checking is conducted on applicants for this position with the agencies as required by Nebraska State regulations, in addition to any other agencies as determined by Madonna.  Applicants must sign authorization forms (when required by the agency) to release information to Madonna.


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