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Located in Omaha, Nebraska, CLAAS Omaha LLC is within the "heart" of the wheat and corn belts of Midwest America. Housing 160,000 square feet of plant and assembly area and 40,000 square feet dedicated to office space, theatre, showroom, a Ride-and-Drive demonstration barn, parts, and Visitor Services, the state-of-the-art facility and display showroom attract visitors and prospects from all over North America.

Home of the LEXION combine, the facility is the most modern combine facility in North America. Incorporating state of the art technology, including air pallet mobile assembly lines and an engineering protoshop, the highest quality control is ensured to deliver the industry-leading combine harvester.

Powered by the legendary Caterpillar engine, the LEXION is designed to deliver year after year of reliability and productivity. LEXION combines are built to tough and rugged standards and are supported by the LEXION dealer network.