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NP Dodge Company

We are pleased you are considering a career with the NP Dodge Company. As the largest full-service real estate company in Nebraska and Iowa, we are proud to say our continued success is directly related to the success of our family of agents and employees.

The first N. P. Dodge started his real estate business in 1855—just one year after the city of Omaha was founded. Since 1855, five generations of the Dodge family have been active in the Company. Few businesses have shared—and helped shape—the fortunes of the metro area as much as the NP Dodge Company. At NP Dodge, we pursue the vision that the first N. P. Dodge saw so many years ago, the promise of opportunity this area brings in the service of all aspects of the real estate business.

The NP Dodge Company carries on the Dodge family’s commitment to excellence by providing only the best in real estate and related services. Today, we have several corporate divisions and subsidiary companies serving the broad spectrum of real estate, relocation, and insurance needs. Throughout the Company’s history, NP Dodge employees and agents have found resourcefulness and creativity to be the key to successful real estate projects. We have never lost sight of the fact that the creation of value for others is the cornerstone of our continued success.