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Dunlap Industries

Who We Are:  Dunlap Industries, Inc., is a manufacturer and distributor of zippers, thread, hook and loop, and related textile trim. We manufacture in the United States as well as throughout the world. All Dunlapworld production locations manufacture to the very same high quality standards that our customers have learned to expect. We are US owned and headquartered in the United States. Our entire line of service and products constitutes Dunlapworld for our clients throughout the world.

 Our Commitment:  We bring over 45 years of experience in meeting customer needs for zippers, thread, hook and loop and trim items. The Dunlapworld network of manufacturers brings our more than four decades of service to provide the best products, service and value for your money. Our commitment is to provide the products customers need 'whenever and wherever you need us to be'.

What This Means to the People We Serve:  The Dunlapworld network of manufacturers is 100% accountable to our customers. The order process and delivery system, refined through years of experience, assures customers that they will receive timely and accurate order status, every step of the way. This means that customers will never have to wonder where their order is or when it will arrive. This time-tested clear communication and service focus is the Dunlap Difference.