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Catholic Mutual Group

Our Services

Quality Service is Our Standard

Catholic Mutual Group strives to provide top-quality service. Each of our Church members is assigned a Member Services Representative, who handles certificate renewals, billing and collection and property evaluations. Your Member Services Representative will answer your coverage questions, handle your certificate requests, and address your unique concerns.

Catholic Mutual Group operates a full-service claims department, which handles all losses, including property, liability, automobile and worker’s compensation. Our claims handlers have considerable expertise in adjusting sensitive claims involving sexual misconduct, employee dishonesty, and counseling errors and omissions.

Our goal is to provide you the best claims service possible. We work hard to settle all claims quickly and fairly.

Our Coverages

We offer a comprehensive property and casualty package tailored to your specific needs.

Risk Management Services Provide Extra Value

Catholic Mutual Group provides outstanding risk management services. Our "CARES" program is the mission of our risk management department. Each letter of the word "CARES" identifies an important philosophy and principle on which we operate: Comprehensive, Attentive, Responsive, Effective, Service.

Over the years we have developed and implemented a number of effective risk management programs and policies. These include certificate of insurance and contract reviews, fleet and automobile safety programs, sexual misconduct policies, personnel policies, special events risk management programs and a school safety resource manual.

Every Arch/Diocese and Religious Order is unique. Our risk management program is flexible enough to precisely fit your needs.

Why Choose Catholic Mutual Group?

Catholic Mutual Group is an excellent choice for your coverage needs. First, we are financially solid. Our coverage is backed by recognized financial organizations with assets in excess of $75 billion.

Second, we offer outstanding service. Members of our claims department understand your special needs, while our Member Services Representatives provide you with fast, reliable assistance.

Finally, our pricing is stable. Our goal is to eliminate the rate peaks and valleys found in today’s market. We offer flexible-pricing plans based on your limits, coverages, and deductibles/retentions. Numerous Arch/Dioceses and Religious Orders turn to us for our unrivaled service at a reasonable cost.