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Nebraska Humane Society


The Nebraska Humane Society was founded in 1875. It is the fifth oldest humane society in the nation, and, today, is also one of the largest. We offer shelter to animals who have no place to call home and provide vital services to them and to the people who love them. Every year, more than 30,000 animals, including wildlife, find their way to our doors. Through our programs, we touch the lives of more than 200,000 people annually with our message of compassion and humane treatment for all living creatures. We are housed on a 13-acre campus with four buildings, 150 dedicated staff members and 600 volunteers.


The Nebraska Humane Society was originally established for the protection of both animals and children. In the mid 1940’s, state agencies began to embrace child welfare issues, leaving the Nebraska Humane Society as the sole organization within the Omaha area designated for the protection of animals.


The Nebraska Humane Society protects, saves and enriches the lives of animals in the communities we serve.


A good home for every pet. To achieve that, we will be working more and more, outside the shelter to offer support and guidance for all pet owners.