Write a Top Notch Job Ad!

shutterstock_234381154Sell your company. Sell the position. Buy your candidate. How? Remember that a job ad is different than a job description. While a job description outlines all tasks to be performed in a position, a job ad is the marketing piece behind that job description; it is how you get them to read the job description. Let’s break this down.

Sell Your Company! Corporate brand and corporate culture play a vital role in recruiting candidates for job openings. Use your job ad to reflect corporate brand and culture. Rely on creative design, brand standards, and a brief but enticing company profile to boost morale with potential candidates.

Sell The Position! Be as concise and transparent as possible here. Use accessible terminology and avoid focusing on only the exciting tasks. List (don’t fear the list) all primary duties for the position no matter how unappealing they may seem. Realistic expectations can reduce the number of bad hires and increase employee satisfaction.

Provide a Call to Action! Always include a link to the application or some other means of follow-through. By making the next step readily available, you capitalize on those potential candidates who may have forgot to apply later.

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