Workplace Resolutions: How to Up Your Game in the New Year

new-years-day-473636_1280Every New Year brings opportunities for resolutions and personal promises. The year 2015 promises endless possibilities for personal and professional growth. To bring in the big 1-5 with style, we have selected our top 5 interoffice resolutions for the New Year!

1)   Lighten Up. Most people enter the New Year with goals on lightening up physically. But, some need to lighten up in other ways. If you tend to be the only one in the department who is not laughing, make a New Years resolution to not be so serious all of the time. Positivity can increase productivity and attract the attention of others and sell you as a leader and a game changer.

2)   Be Adaptable. Different personality types in the workplace can cause a lot of tension. If you find yourself clashing with other personalities, make a point to learn how to better interact with other personalities around the office. Not only can this form relationships but it also makes for a much more engaged work environment.

3)   Continually Improve. Embracing continuous improvement is vital to success in any technical field. Make a pact with yourself to end each workday with a new lesson learned whether this be job specific or niche focused. You’ll thank yourself later.

4)   Interact Collaboratively. Do you tend to shell off in your office or cubicle and only speak when absolutely necessary to achieve tasks? Resolve to interact with a different co-worker every day. Doing so will not only potentially let you get to know those around you, but you open the door to new opportunities both in and out of the office.

5)   Get Moving. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions every year is to get fit. However, employees who forget to take breaks miss out on great opportunities to improve their health. Not only are breaks a chance to reset your most vital organ (your brain) but they present a grand opportunity to take a walk or take the stairs down to visit a coworker or get a snack.

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