Working on New Year’s Resolutions (Part II)

On Tuesday, we gave you an introduction to New Year’s resolutions, explaining to you why they are so important when it comes to making goals.

As we mentioned, New Year’s resolutions, despite their clichés, are actually a great way to help you organize your career, as well as make you feel great about all the things you have accomplished in the previous year.

But having a New Year’s resolution is more than just saying “this is what I plan to do for the new year.” To get the most out your resolutions, you need to actually take the time and organize your goals so you can actually accomplish them.

So, today, we are going to give you some tips on how to make a great new year’s resolution list that will put you on the right track to making the most out of your year and knocking out those goals. Take a look below:

Think small. While it is always good to have the big picture in mind, some goals are easier to tackle when you approach them in small steps. Take the time to look at your long term goals and try to figure out how you can break them up into short term. Not only will it probably help you conquer them much faster, but it will also make you feel better knowing that you completed one step, or level, of a bigger goal.

Be realistic. Along with thinking small, you need to approach your goals realistically. As we mentioned the other day, knowing your limits can really help ensure that you aren’t taking too much on at any given time. By sitting down and thinking to yourself “Can I really accomplish that in a year?” you’ll actually have a better idea of what will be required of you in order to accomplish these goals, making the situation much more beneficial to you as a whole.

Have some fun. Last but not least, try to have some fun with your goals. While it is good to take your career seriously, it doesn’t hurt to add a few that may not necessarily be game-changers, but that will definitely enhance your career in some small way–whether that’s trying to simply go out of your way to say hi to all of your co-workers, or going out and grabbing a couple of drinks with them every other week!

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