Will Facebook Video Ads Help Businesses, or Cause Them Trouble?

Last week, we checked in on the social media giant Facebook, and considered its status as we make our way into 2014.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Facebook may be running into a little trouble with amount of information it is cramming into its news feeds–but it looks like this social media juggernaut isn’t stopping there.

In recent news, Facebook decided to begin rolling out video ads that will pop up on users’ news feeds. While some businesses can rejoice, they should also be aware of the potential backlash from users that could end up causing some trouble for companies. To prep you for either scenario, we thought we would give you a pros and cons list. Take a look below:

Pros of video ads

  • Videos are a powerful tool. As we’ve mentioned in the past, videos are definitely a powerful tool when it comes to recruiting, so it’s no surprise that these videos could potentially do a lot to boost a company’s branding.
  • These ads are more organic than traditional online ads. Facebook has been known for integrating ads subtly into its platform, rather than the traditional ‘in your face’ method of most websites. The upshot of this approach might lessen the blow because it’s not as intrusive, preventing users from full-on abandoning the network.

Cons of video ads

  • Autoplay can be annoying. Most of us have had this problem before: those annoying websites with music or ads that you just can’t turn off. While these Facebook video ads are silent, they might still be enough to bug users.
  • The potential for sound. The ads may be silent for now, but Facebook is only in the testing phase. We won’t speculate too much, but the addition of sound could cause a bit of a rift–so keep an eye out for that moving forward.

What does this all mean for HR and recruiting?

Simply put, if users are unhappy with the platform, it might cause them to abandon Facebook, putting you out of a great recruiting tool.

That doesn’t mean that you should jump ship right this minute. As we’ve mentioned in the past, you need to be aware of everything going on with your recruiting tools. Some tools have been proven to work, while others are constantly transforming, meaning that you may need to make certain changes along the way.

All tools need a little tinkering every once in a while–even social media giants like Facebook. Making sure your arsenal is in tip top shape is the key to maintaining good order in recruiting and HR–do that, and you’ll be golden.