Why you should support AIM’s C-Level Auction


IMG_0293“It doesn’t look like much now, but we want it to become a vibrant hive for youth activities that are directed towards IT,” said Therese Laux, Education Change Agent, AIM Youth.

Within the next year, AIM hopes to refurbish the small building that sits behind our parking lot as part of our bigger vision for Youth in IT.  We plan to dedicate the space to our youth initiatives with funds from our C-Level Auction, a part the annual AIM Tech Celebration.

The bigger vision

However, the auction isn’t just funding the building. The funds will also support AIM’s bigger vision of getting more kids interested in the ever-broadening field of IT. AIM hopes to add new programs in software development, robotics, new media, 3D design and music technology.

“It’s going to be a learning space for everything from traditional coding to desktop music and video. Not every kid is at a school where they have access to great IT programs or teachers, so we want this to be a space that everyone can use,” said Laux.


AIM as a community builder

AIM’s Youth programs have always been dedicated to building strong students and helping them prepare for bigger and better opportunities after high school. Our programs are currently in nine schools serving more than 2,800 students annually.  This new building will be first time AIM Youth has a permanent home to call their own.

“I come from North High School and my kids stay very involved and are really excited. They think they are on ground floor of something really huge. And I think they’re right,” said Laux. “We have to prepare our kids for the future. We want our best and brightest to stay here and help us build a vibrant community.”

AIM wants the community to utilize the building as well. Laux hopes to open the space up for field trips and co-mentoring programs for Omaha’s youth.

“It’s actually a really great location. You’ve got Liberty Elementary, Children’s Museum and the YMCA,”said Laux. “There are a lot of possibilities.”


How you can help

The silent auction is powered by Proxibid and will open on Monday, October 26 at noon and close October 29 at 6:30 p.m. Since the auction is online, you don’t have to be present at the Tech Celebration to bid.

Learn more about AIM’s youth initiatives here and don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!


UPDATE 11/24/15: C-Level auction is now closed. But you can still contribute to AIM Youth programs here.





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