Why Holidays Are Important at the Office (Part II)

punchIn our last post, we gave you a brief rundown about why the holidays play such an important role in the workplace.

As we mentioned, incorporating the holiday in your team’s work schedule can do wonders to enhance your company culture as a whole.

However, getting into the holiday spirit requires more than just pulling out a few pieces of décor and playing some games. To get the most out of it, here are a few tips you should consider if you want to make your holiday celebration as success. Take a look below.

Avoid mandatory parties. First things first, avoid having mandatory parties. Nothing is worse than forcing your employees to “have fun”. Not only is it a complete waste of time for them, but definitely a waste of time for yourself, since it goes against the whole purpose of getting into the holiday spirit. As much as we’d love to see everyone in the office get in on the celebration, it’s best to simply encourage everyone to come but ultimately leaving it to them to decide. For some people, it could be a matter of getting a heavy workload done so they can go and enjoy spending time with their friends and family – something you don’t want to get in the way off.

Keep it casual. Try to keep your celebrations as casual as possible. You don’t want to go too overtop with any ideas you have and run the risk of making your employees feel like they have to go all out themselves in order to blend in. Like the mandatory parties, you could end up making your holiday plans seem like just another work project, taking all of the fun out of the whole thing.

Make it a collaborative effort. There is no need to take it upon yourself to plan the party alone. Instead, try and make it a collaborative effort with others from around the office. Whether you split the creative effort between team leaders, or amongst a few people on your team, doing so can help improve the likelihood that you’ll be able to make most of your employees happy since you have input from others who might know some people better than you.

What do you think about celebrating holidays in the office? Is it a waste of time or a great idea? Have any ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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