Why Choose AIM Careerlink? Who We Are and What We Do

AIM-careerlinkHere at AIM Careerlink we are passionate about building careers. As such, it is our goal to make sure that each and every individual who comes to us leaves with knowledge that will help enhance his or her careers.

On the surface, we may seem like any other job site out there, but that is far from the truth.

To show you what we mean, we are going to go over who we are, and why you should choose AIM Careerlink to help guide you in expanding your career. Take a look below:

A little bit about AIM

Careerlink was developed by AIM –a not-for-profit community organization based in Nebraska whose core mission is to help enrich the community and its organizations through IT development –as an indispensable tool for helping individuals develop and expand their career opportunities by connecting them with like-minded employers.

So, why should job seekers choose AIM Careerlink?

First, let’s begin with why employers choose AIM Careerlink for their job listings:

  • With a Basic Unlimited Subscription, employers have access to over 200,000 job seekers a year, as well as the ability to post an unlimited number of jobs over the entire year.
  • They also get unlimited access to a database of over 125,000 resumes and online applicant tracking.

So what does this all mean for the job seeker? Essentially, the more power employers have to post jobs and seek out qualified candidates, the more opportunities you have as a job seeker to be found.

With the unlimited access to job seekers, employers don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to find the right person. In turn, they are more willing to put their company out there, giving you (the job seeker) carte blanche when it comes to choosing the employer you want to work for.

On top of that, here are some other reasons why job seekers should choose AIM Careerlink:

The resources. Signing up for a job seeker account is not only easy, but also free. In turn, you gain access to a great variety of tools that will do wonders in helping you find yourself a career. And if you are a student, we have some great career planning tools and offer the ability to seek out scholarships or apply for internships.
Choose between active and passive job seeking. AIM Careerlink also gives you the option to choose between active and passive job seeking. That’s because we have a great search engine that allows employers to actively seek out qualified candidates for their listings, meaning you don’t have to worry about great career opportunities passing you by just because you aren’t sifting through all of the job listings out there.
Verified jobs and verified employers. AIM Careerlink also prides itself on the fact that all of our jobs are verified, which means you won’t run the risk of applying anywhere that isn’t legitimate or a waste of your time. Not only that, but AIM Careerlink gives job seekers access to some of the biggest names right here in the Midwest. For more info take a look at our extensive featured employer’s list.
IT oriented. What also makes AIM Careerlink so unique is our commitment to IT development. While we have a great number of jobs to fit many people’s needs, we pay special attention to the IT crowd in the Midwest, which gives us a definite advantage over other job sites.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the great tools we have to offer, then we encourage you to give it a try. Simply put, the effort on your end will be pretty small, but the benefits and opportunities you’ll gain will be endless. With those kinds of stakes, what’s the harm? Learn more here!

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