10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Managed Services for IT

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Sometimes we take on too much. We try to do new things and cut corners because they look simple. However, when it comes to IT, and many other jobs, there is a reason why people specialize in their career field.

We can’t be the best at everything, but we can find the best person for each job. Sometimes that means outsourcing certain tasks, rather than putting all the pressure on an employee who may not be up to date in specialized areas.

So, when do we stop trying to take on the world and start being realistic of what we can do well and what we should pass on? This week, we are reaching out to our tech community to bring you an article by Craig Hurley, Vice President of Product Management from Cosentry. This article features 10 reasons why businesses use managed services for IT.


Do you need to be an IT Superhero? Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Or do you just need to meet the growing IT needs of your organization more effectively?


Here are the top 10 reasons successful, growing companies use managed services:


1. Reduce CapEx budgets

The cost of managed services is usually billed monthly, allowing most organizations to apply it to OpEx budgets.


2. Improve predictability

Managed services contracts are often designed to be a set monthly payment, making budgeting easier and more predictable.


3. Scale your investment

No more over-investing in IT infrastructure or staff resources because you aren’t sure exactly what you need. Managed services allows you to pay for what you need now and easily add, or reduce, services as your business changes.


4. Improve resource utilization

Need a great Exchange DBA, but only have enough work to keep them busy half the time? Managed services puts the best talent at your disposal, without the full time expense.


5. Keep up with technology advancements

From mobile devices to collaboration tools to mission-critical applications, technology is changing faster than ever. Managed services ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest and greatest every step of the way.


6. Add IT staff fast

Many growing organizations frequently find themselves understaffed. Managed services allow you to scale quickly as opportunities arise.


7. Improve customer service

Managed services can help ensure your customer-facing applications provide the level of service your customers expect.


8. Support expansion plans

Moving to other regions? Managed services can pick up where your in-house IT team leaves off, expanding 24 x 7 x 365 support to all areas of your business.


9. Acquisition assimilation

Anyone who’s ever been through an acquisition knows what a challenge supporting disparate systems can be. Managed services can help you consolidate systems faster with less upheaval to your employees.


10. Support the core mission

Managed services free up IT leaders to focus their efforts on the organization’s core business instead of constantly putting out fires.


This post is published with permission from Craig Hurley.


Cosentry.Craig Hurley

As Vice President of Product Management, Craig Hurley is responsible for the entire life cycle of Cosentry’s data center, hosting, cloud and managed services portfolio. Prior to joining Cosentry, he served as the Director of Product Management for NTT Communications, a global IT infrastructure services provider. During his ten year career at NTT, Craig managed the entire U.S. data center services portfolio, most recently developing NTT’s Enterprise Cloud and its Recovery as a Service portfolio of products. Craig has over 15 years of product management and IT experience including positions at Verio, Ameritech Cellular and AT&T. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Craig received his BA in Political Science from Indiana University and his MBA from DePaul University.

Cosentry is a leading Midwest IT Solutions Provider, with nine data centers in five markets and is headquartered in Omaha, offering solutions that allow clients to focus on their core business. Cosentry has over a decade of experience providing IT services including Data Center, Cloud, Colocation, Managed Hosting, Managed Services, Managed Networking, Security, Compliance and Disaster Recovery and Back Up. Cosentry operates as their client’s local business partner, taking time to truly understand their business while tailoring solutions to meet each client’s unique business and technical requirements. Whether virtualizing, consolidating, optimizing, or fully outsourcing data center and IT infrastructure, businesses rely on Cosentry for help with resilient and versatile solutions with the highest level of reliability, performance and security.

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