The Web is a Black Hole for Sales Productivity

By: Corey DeJong

Do you often find your sales team getting lost in research prior to making their sales calls? It has become commonplace for the salesperson to gather as much knowledge about a customer and contact that they can prior to calling upon a customer. This practice allows the salesperson to have a general needs assessment complete before first contact which allows them to give verbal cues and allows them to ask subject matter questions that helps gain trust that builds relationships with clients. With that being said, this practice can cripple a salesperson’s productivity chasing snippets of information that may or may not be available just so the call isn’t as “cold.” According to research, by online media company, “65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling.”


Enter Social Selling: The availability of information and access to decision makers is increasing on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. The prospects themselves have placed their data and access to contacting them in public view. Using these sites to obtain a snapshot of a company and a contact can decrease research time up to 50%, according to, and leave more time for selling.


Social selling is beneficial for ongoing engagement with prospects and potential customers as well. Salespeople can nurture a prospect through social media by sharing relevant industry news by tweeting at them or messaging them through private messaging channels on other sites. As a salesperson increases their LinkedIn network it allows them to share general news about the organization they’re selling for to increase brand awareness and client trust with the organization.


Start training your sales staff on these procedures to increase their productivity and increase

engagement with your organization’s prospects.