Watch Out for these Resume Red Flags!

shutterstock_99677855Resumes often serve as your first impression of potential hires. And, as we all know, first impressions last forever. While there are some really obvious dos and don’ts in resume creation, some may be less obvious to the average joe/jane. We sat down with an HR manager to explore some resume red flags for you to look for in your hiring pursuits.

Every inch of a candidate’s resume is a reflection of them as an individual and a professional. Therefore, it is vital to pay close attention to detail. Formatting errors and typos should send up a very obvious red flag. Each resume should be clear of typos and grammatical errors.

You will quickly notice if job titles and descriptions don’t quite add up. Feel free to ask candidates about any discrepancies you may find. If they aren’t being honest and transparent in their first impression, who’s to say that they can be trusted as a brand ambassador for your company? Also, keep an eye out for candidates who list responsibilities in their resumes instead of accomplishments. Sure, it’s great that they met the status quo, but don’t you want an employee who will go above and beyond required expectations?

It is common knowledge that it is important to explain any gaps in employment. But what about frequent job hopping? According to our HR manager, whether or not this is a red flag depends on various factors including, but not limited to, age and industry. In some situations, job hopping can illustrate growth in the field, on the other hand, job hopping can reflect an inability to maintain employment. Again, feel free to ask as many questions as necessary before making a hiring decision.

Another red flag is what we will refer to as “college-hopping.” For instance, if a candidate lists four universities and no completed degrees, this could very likely mean that the candidate lacks the ability to follow through with goals. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the candidate’s interests and past.

Resumes are a vital part of the hiring process. Do you feel like we missed any red flags? We’d love to learn from you! Visit us on Facebook or Twitter!

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