Understanding Introverts

It’s a misconception that introverts want to be left alone. In reality, introverts are easily stimulated by their environment. They are often exceptionally creative, well-prepared and offer deep relationships to their family and friends.

One third to one half of all people are introverts. So as a leader of your team, you will interact with people of all personality types. If you are naturally extroverted, you may find that you’re seeking more stimulation while your introverted team members are wishing for less.

Here are some ideas for maximizing the power of introverts on your team:

-When brainstorming, put introverts in pairs instead of large groups.

-Provide a work environment that allows for different levels of stimulation.

-When requesting feedback, give introverts the option to write out a response.

-When networking, connect new people to introverts for deeper conversation.

In the right situation, introverts can be great leaders and exceptional team players. What they need are the right conditions to flourish in. How can you get more out your team this week?

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