Tumblr and Pinterest: Are they Right for Your Social Media Arsenal? (Part II)

textOn Tuesday, we gave you an introduction to using Tumblr and Pinterest for your social media arsenal. As we mentioned, there are a lot of ways to utilize these ever-growing social media platforms in order increase your employer brand, customer base, etc.

This, of course, all depends on whether or not these platforms are right for your company, which we touched on in our last post.

But, if you do decide to add Tumblr and Pinterest to your list of beneficial social media platforms, here are a few tips that will help ensure success. Take a look below:

Avoid walls of text. Fewer words in your visuals will make things go much better on these platforms. People on Tumblr and Pinterest aren’t looking to read anything super lengthy, and the chances of them glazing over your post will be pretty high if all these see is a wall of text.

Make your visuals pop. Likewise, there are thousands of images they can be looking through, so make sure what you post will actually grab their attention. We are not saying the image needs to be obnoxious, rather, visually appealing and unique to your brand. Doing so will make things much easier for your target audience to pick your company “out of the crowd” so to speak.

Tell a story. Post your images with the intent of telling a story. Whether it has to do with a great holiday party you just had, a lively conference or some new products you are working on, giving your audience the “inside scoop” is a great way to not only attract customers, but future employees as well.

Telling a story is also a great way to help you find a direction when it comes to posting your images. Always have an intention when you post, otherwise things could just end up getting lost, making it much harder for your target audience to pin point exactly what kind of message you want to get across. That being said, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your posts-–working on social media should still be fun and creative, not a chore.

What do you think about Tumblr and Pinterest? Have you used them in your social media arsenal? Do you think they are worth the investment? Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

photo credit: GiantsFanatic via photopin cc

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