Tumblr and Pinterest are Growing at an Exponential Rate

ComputerEvery once in a while, we like to do a little update on our favorite social media platforms, giving you some great insight on what these updates have to do with your business and your business’s success on social media.

Lately in our updates, we’ve been focusing on the social media trifecta (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), so it only makes sense that we give a little attention to two other really great social media platforms, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Growing and growing fast.

A recent study put out by the Global Web Index, reported that Tumblr and Pinterest are currently the fastest growing social media platforms in terms of active users, with Tumblr clocking in at a 120% growth rate in the last six months and Pinterest following close behind at 111%.

To give you some perspective on just how big of a growth that is, Facebook only grew by a measly 2%, falling way behind Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and Instagram, who came in third place.

This, as Mashable contributor Rexus Santus notes, only refers to growth, with Tumblr still coming in at eight place in terms of active users overall –Facebook, of course, still reigns as the undisputed champion of social media.

So, why care about Pinterest or Tumblr?

We’ve talked quite a bit about these platforms in the past, and as we’ve mentioned, Pinterest and Tumblr can be a great outlet for companies when it comes to putting up image-laden content. Visually appealing content is a great way to pique the interest of your target audience since the message has be to the point, which many people appreciate in this fast and technology driven world.

And, regardless of their place in the “totem pole”, this shows some great potential for these social media platforms. Sure, Facebook might be the most popular, but as these other platforms start gaining more users, there could be potential for some changes –something we always think businesses should keep in mind. We’re not saying you should drop everything you are doing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and put all your money on Pinterest and Tumblr, but if you can see the benefit in using these social media platforms, then we don’t it hurts to try and get a little better acquainted with them.

What do you think about Pinterest and Tumblr? Are they worth the time and effort? Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

photo credit: OndraSoukup via photopin cc

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