‘Tis the Season for Employees

Victoria Graeve-Cunningham, Director of Lean Operations
Holidays aren’t just for families and children, ‘tis the season for the employee. First and foremost, it is a time for celebration. Employers have a better understanding of how the past year has gone and now they can praise their employees. According to recent research, more than half of employers will throw a holiday party or offer a holiday bonus or gift to their staff. The treats at the company party are a bonus, but they’re not the only positive. Co-workers can take this time to get to know each other, which promotes future collaboration. To many, the holidays are about more than just a time for regalement. More importantly, they are a time for helping those in need. This is true for companies too; corporate giving is higher during the holidays. Many companies not only continue their annual programs, but also encourage employees to participate in additional philanthropic events or fundraising. Often, these programs include company matching. When employees witness their employer supporting a mission they strongly believe in, employees feel a sense of pride and are more engaged at However, if you’re currently out of work, the holidays may not seem as a blessing but rather another thing to stress over. However, according to CBS Money Watch, the holidays are a great time to find a new job. Hiring may slow down at the end of year, but networking opportunities are abundant. Instead of fretting about things out of your control, take the time to enjoy the season, spend time talking with people, and lay the foundation for prospects to flood your way
Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!