This Week’s Social Media Tech Update

Computer-iPhoneThe landscape of social media is changing constantly and sometimes it can be a little hard to keep ourselves up to date.

As such, we at AIM Careerlink always like to make sure our followers are on top of their game when it comes to knowing what to expect from their social media platforms-–especially if it happens to be a big part of their recruiting arsenal.

So, here are just a few updates we found over this week. Take a look below:

Facebook changes its News Feed Algorithm to tackle hoaxes: Our favorite social media giant is once again changing its News Feed, this time tackling the ever-growing problem of News Feed spam by reducing the amount of hoaxes that will appear in your feed.

Now, users are allowed to report false new stories on their feeds by selecting the option “It’s a false news story” in the complaint pop up. The team at Facebook notes that the posts will not be deleted, but its visibility will be reduced if enough people make a complaint and the user that has made the post(s) will be sent a message warning them that the post has been flagged for false information.

Twitter launches While you were away feature on iOS: Twitter recently launched its While you were away feature on iOS, with an Android and web feature soon to follow. The hope is that the feature will make it much easier for users to catch up on any important tweets that they might’ve missed while away from the app.

According to Tech Crunch, the feature has received some mixed reviews, with some people arguing that it removes the immediacy that Twitter is praised for, especially when it comes to live tweeting or current events. However, we do think that one great benefit of having this feature (especially for businesses) is that it alleviates the pressure to respond right away to your consumers or followers, as well as allow you the opportunity to respond at some point later on, in the event that you just simply couldn’t get access to your feed.

Tumbrl’s announces Creatrs program: Tumblr recently announced Creatrs, a new program aimed at connected brands and advertisers to artists and their content. The program, according to Tech Crunch, acts almost like an ad-agency since it allows advertisers and brands to scope out artwork they might be interested in using for their upcoming campaigns. The program will also aim to give artists a platform where they will be able to sell their art and receive proper licensing and payment from the brands that purchase their work. This, in our book, is a pretty big advancement for social media, as it is beginning to really cross the line between a simple social pastime to helping people around the globe expand their careers –something we are all about.

Have any thoughts on these social media updates? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

photo credit: Alejandro Pinto via photopin cc

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