The Pros and Cons of Cold E-mails for Job Seekers (Part I)

emailWhen we think of cold calls, we usually imagine the infamous telemarketer making pleas with unsuspecting customers to buy products or answer “just a few questions”.

But, cold calls aren’t just reserved for sales persons and the like. In fact, one area where cold calling has been put to good use is in the market for job searches.

Nowadays, most cold calls can be made via email, making things much easier and more streamlined for both the employer and job seekers. There are, of course, a few set backs to cold e-mails.

Not to worry though, because over the next few posts, we are going to give you an outline on the pros and cons of cold e-mails to help you job seekers make an educated decision on whether or not this strategy is right for you. Take a look below:


Untapped opportunities. Perhaps you get a hold of an employer just before they plan on posting a job opening, or maybe your resume is so great that you land an interview regardless of whether not there is a position open. Sometimes, cold e-mails can open up a world of opportunities as opposed to simply checking back day in and day out for a new position to open up.

Puts you out there. Likewise, cold e-mails can be a great way to put you out there and say to employers that you are interested and available. That way, when a job does open up, they can reach out to you. You’ve already made the first step and at least submitted an application, which can be a really great way to set you apart from other potential candidates and put you ahead of the game.


The rejection. For every successful cold email, you’ll most likely have twice the amount of failed ones. In some cases, it might just be a friendly “Sorry, we aren’t hiring, but will keep your resume on file” while other times, you might not even get a response. This can definitely be frustrating and those who aren’t willing to wait may want to skip the cold emails and simply look for the open job listings.

Waste of time. Some might also find cold emails a complete waste of time, since employers who don’t have job openings probably won’t remember every single potential candidate that has applied, especially during a time when their employee roster is full. In this regard, taking the time and effort to craft an email when your work goes unnoticed might have a negative effect on your job outlook–which for some can be pretty detrimental.

On Thursday, we’ll get into a few tips on how you can successfully write a cold e-mail. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on this kind of strategy? Worth it or a waste of time? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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