The Hour of Code Is Here

On December, 10th, AIM Careerlink will join Apple, Disney Interactive, and many other leading companies worldwide to provide millions of students with a one-hour computer science introduction known as the Hour of Code.


Focused on building the IT Pipeline and determined to bring information technology into the hands of students, AIM Careerlink will partner with grant participants in Council Bluffs, Omaha, and Papillion-LaVista to sponsor an Hour of Code.

AIM Careerlink invites you to ignite an interest in further exploration of Computer Science and IT, thus helping to build the IT Pipeline. On December 10th, AIM Careerlink will engage with staff and guests in an Hour of Code event at the AIM Headquarters at 1905 Harney Street in downtown Omaha.

Initiated by the non-profit,, the primary goal of Hour of Code was to not only vastly increase participation in Computer Science but also to increase participation amongst the underrepresented demographics. AIM Careerlink prides themselves on being a community builder by getting locals excited about technology and inspiring them to enter the field of IT, thus promoting a brighter, more innovative future. Similarly, Hour of Code has helped introduce generations of minds to concepts that may have previously seemed inaccessible.

On a global scale, Hour of Code impacts over 180 countries, providing millions of students with a key to their future through a one-hour computer science introduction. On a local scale, through each Hour of Code they sponsor, AIM Careerlink is opening doors for 200-300 students who may have otherwise ruled out Information Technology as a potential career path.

AIM Careerlink encourages the building and promotion of the foundation for a brilliant tomorrow.

Visit how-to page for ways you can help!

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