The helpful hire vs. the transformational hire



Every time you employ a new individual, he or she will change the dynamic of the office. This is why it is important to know how much you need things to change.

Always consider what you’re looking for in a new recruit. Are you looking for a someone to fill a void or are you looking for someone to take what they’re given and to hit the ground running? Take a look below for the pros and cons of each type of hire.


The Helpful Hire: Filling a Void

For many employers, a helpful hire is a perfect addition to their team. This individual fills a void that was making tasks difficult for everyone to do their jobs. This new employee fits in well with everyone else, knows the job or learns quickly, and is able to pick up the slack that was bringing the team down.

However, this type of individual doesn’t make much change to the company’s existing process. He or she has not been hired to create a better atmosphere, but to fit in with the status quo. This has both its advantages and drawbacks, but this type of individual is most commonly hired for everyday positions in a business.


The Transformational Hire: Revolutionizing the Workplace

Sometimes a helpful hire isn’t enough. Certain positions call for a transformational hire, someone who will change the way the department—or even the entire company—runs. This individual must have big ideas and the ability to execute them.

In some cases, it may be hard for existing employees to accept the changes this individual wants to make. However, this role is needed to make innovation happen in a business. It is also important that this person is able to communicate well with others to ensure their changes are implemented.


Who should you hire?

When you are trying to decide whether you should enlist a transformational candidate or a helpful candidate, consider your needs and the needs of the company. Why are you going to employ this individual? Do you just need someone to join the team and fill a position? If so, a helpful hire is exactly what you need.

However, if you’re looking to make some big changes because your business has become stagnant, or reached a point of lowered productivity, you’ll want to find someone with a more transformational attitude. This is also necessary when you decide to employ someone to create a new department or to analyze the company itself.


In most cases, it is more expensive to enlist a transformational hire, but it can be extremely worthwhile if your company is struggling. It can be revolutionary, but the individual you employ must be someone you trust to put forth good ideas and to execute them well. A helpful hire may not have as much sway over the company itself, but he or she will also need to be chosen carefully in order to ensure that his or her presence will be beneficial to the group as a whole.

Essentially, you need a balance of both types to create an innovative and productive workplace. However, if you can only hire one type, address your business’s needs in that moment.

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