Taking More Initiative at Your Job: Why and How

microphoneWhether you are just beginning your career or starting a new job, it can sometimes be hard to find your voice and show those around you that you are a reliable, passionate and hardworking individual.

That being said, while taking the initiative to put yourself out there can be intimidating, doing so will open so many doors of opportunity and help you jumpstart your career.

That is why, today, we are going to go through several tips on how to take more initiative on the job, as well as why you should. Take a look below:


Why You Should Take Initiative

It sets you apart. Putting yourself out there is one way to set you apart from your co-workers–It shows your manager that you aren’t afraid of taking risks. In turn, when it comes time to move up, or take on a big task, your manager or employer just might have you in mind over others, since they know you are willing to take some risks.

It shows commitment. Taking initiative also shows that you are committed to company. Rather than sitting idle and doing what you are told, you’re willingness to put yourself out there for the company is a great sign that you are committed to progress and working hard to achieve your goals.

How to Take More Initiative

Speak what is on your mind. Taking initiative can begin by simply speaking whatever is on your mind. Whether it is a small suggestion on a project, or a way to streamline some process, voicing your opinion shows a sense of leadership. With that in mind, you should always keep in mind how you are saying things and when you are saying them. In short, never try to step on anyone’s toes, especially your higher ups, because the last thing you want is tension between you and them.

Take on those big projects. If you know that there is a big project coming up and you think that you can take it on, then don’t be afraid to let your manager know. Again, bear in mind that you shouldn’t take on a project that will obviously put you way out of your element. While employers like risk-takers, no one wants you to crash and burn, and end up wasting their time.

Ask plenty of questions. Never be afraid to ask questions, even if it is as silly as asking yourself why you are doing the task in front of you. Doing so can help you understand the purpose behind your job and make your tasks more meaningful. In turn, this can help push you and your career to the next level.

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