Choosing the Right Connections for Your Network (Part II)


Networking requires more than just knowing an abundance of people. If you want to have a successful network that will do wonders for your career, you need to make sure you take the time to know the right people. Doing so will help ensure the best outcome possible, in terms of career progression and growth.

On Tuesday, we gave you the mentor, the expert, and the outsider. Today, we’ll talk about the other essential people you need to have in your network. Take a look below:

The colleague. Friends are always there to have your back, and no friend is more important than a colleague when you need help on the job, whether it has to do with a huge project, or covering for a family emergency. Having a colleague who will look out for you is essential. Colleagues can also be great advocates and references when you are looking to move up, so make sure you always have one on deck.

The client. The benefit of havingclients in your network extends a lot further than just buying your goods or services. Building a strong relationship with your clients can do wonders for your networking because they give you an insider perspective on what other customers may want, as well as a great resource for referrals to other customers/clients who may be in need of your services.

The thought-leader (innovator). Finally, find someone who is always looking for the next big thing. Whether they’re in your field or not, having someone in your network who values progression and is always trying to push the envelope is definitely a great asset. Not only will it help to broaden your perspective on big picture thinking, but it will also hopefully push you to think beyond your everyday tasks and innovate yourself.

What do you think about our list of connections? Are there any other kinds of people you think are absolutely necessary to have in your network? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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3 Reasons Thought Leadership is Essential to Your Company’s Success

There are many ways to gauge a company’s success, whether it has to do with their profits, their size, etc. But one way we that believe to be the most important measure of a company’s success is whether or not they make a difference in the industry they’re in—that is, whether or not they’re thought leaders.

When we think of thought leaders, what often comes to mind are companies whose influences and expertise make an impact on their peers, and in return, they gain recognition and respect.

Though becoming a thought leader takes time, there are a number of good reasons why you should strive to become a leader in your space. Have a look below:

It sets you apart from the rest

Being a thought leader shows that you have something to say and the confidence to say it, and what’s more, striving to be an industry leader is a humbling gesture towards your peers that you are willing to share your secrets of success to help them succeed.

As a leader in your industry, you know how to be successful and aren’t afraid to help others out. This, in turn, establishes your company as an integral part of the industry, and someone who is genuinely willing to help others.

It helps you create a network

Your willingness to give advice also helps you establish a network of likeminded individuals. This is great for extending your network, and means more opportunity for success, as well as a collaborative effort to push for a more creativity and competitiveness in your industry.

It helps you establish brand awareness

Striving to be a thought leader also puts your brand out there. When you help someone out, chances are, they’re willing to return the favor, whether that means bringing some business your way or maybe even candidates they themselves cannot accommodate.

People also love working for the standard-bearers and the people who are willing to push their industry further and further. Creative and hardworking companies who have something important to say are more likely to be noticed than those who work quietly. 

Being a standard-bearer of your industry is an important part of being a successful company. By simply putting yourself out there and showing that you have the confidence to help others succeed, you’ll really make an impact and maybe even drive others to do the same, making you stand out above the rest.