Calling All Team Leaders: Helping Your Employees Fight Holiday Job Fatigue

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about what you can do personally to fight against your own fatigue during the holidays.

But as we get into the holiday season, job fatigue is (unfortunately) somewhat inevitable. Fortunately, there are ways to help reduce fatigue in order to keep performance and productivity high.

Whether you’re a CEO, a team leader, or a manager, there’s a lot you can do to help your employees fight holiday job fatigue. Here are a couple tips that we can think of:

Set an example for the team.

If “Do as say and not as I do” is the saying you abide by, then you might want to reconsider a much more employee-friendly mantra. As a leader, you should be setting an example for your team by showing them that you are willing to work just as hard, if not harder, regardless of the holiday season.

While it might be nice that you have the ability to skip out of work early to go do a little holiday shopping or see your kid’s holiday recital, you should also think about what your employees are thinking–it isn’t a stretch to say that they would probably like to join in on the holiday festivities as well. As a team leader, show your employees that you are willing to work just as much as them.

Just take a look at Boston Market CEO George Michel, who every holiday season has taken it upon himself to work behind the counter with restaurant staff from various locations. In an interview with Business Insider, Michel said, “My job is to remove stumbling blocks,” and make sure that employees feel comfortable with sharing feedback with him. By leveling with them and showing them that he is willing to get his hands dirty, Michel fosters a relationship that does a lot to help build the company.

Know your employees’ limits.

Knowing your employees’ limits is another way to help fight fatigue.

If an employee who is regularly at the top of their game begins to falter a little, take the time to see what is going on. They might be overwhelmed now with the holidays now coming into full swing.

As a leader, you need to constantly be checking on your employees, and that’s doubly true during the holidays. If they start running into trouble, try to offer them a hand and see if you can work things out, because the last thing you want is poor quality work or an employee getting burnt out.

Working during the holiday season can be tough, which is why it’s so important to try and take the steps to avoid fatigue at all cost. As a leader, you’re responsible for how your team runs, so take care and try your best to back your employees up–especially when things get stressful.