3 Tips On Giving More Incentives to Your Recruiters 

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In yesterday’s post, we gave you three reasons on why you should consider giving more incentives to recruiters. But doing so requires more than just slapping on a few new incentives each quarter.

A well-executed incentive program takes a good bit of planning. To get you started down that path, here are three tips on how to successfully give more incentives to your recruiters. Take a look below:

  • More than just money. These days, money isn’t everything–especially for the Millennials–which is why it is important to make sure your incentives amount to more than just cash. Consider mixing those bonuses with tickets to a special event, a company sponsored vacation, paid lunch, or even just some company-wide recognition. This can ensure that you are appealing to your employees in a way that reaches beyond simple monetary value. 
  • Quality over quantity. Gauge incentives with quality over quantity. Nothing is worse than putting out goals for your recruiters and getting less than desirable results. Avoid this by making sure you outline exactly what you are aiming for when you want your recruiters to attract candidates. Not only will this prevent an unwanted amount of candidates that will end up wasting your time, but it will also give your recruiters a more concrete idea of what kind of candidate they should be aiming for.
  • Be consistent, and follow through with incentives. Another thing to consider when it comes to incentives is that you need to be consistent when handing them out. That means that everyone who reaches the goal should receive the same incentive, or one equal in value. You also need to make sure that you follow through on all of your incentives—so don’t make any promises you know you can’t keep.

All in all, you need to make sure you are doing what you can to make your recruiters happy. And with these tips, you should be able to be put things on the right track.

Recruiters play a huge role in successful hires, and accordingly, the success of your company, so don’t skimp out on treating them right.

photo credit: eveos via photopin cc