The Morals of Searching for a Job… While at Work

career fairLooking for a job, while on the job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Do I save it for when I am on break? What do I say if I get caught? Do I correspond through my company or personal email? Can I read my emails/notifications while I work?

These questions and dozens more are bound to run through your head, but the biggest question of all is this: “Can I look for a job while at work/while I still have a job?”

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Millennials: How to Prepare Yourself for Your Future Career (Part I)

millennial typing on a computer

Throughout this week, we’ve talked a lot about the Millennial generation.

As we mentioned, Millennials are entering the workforce at an increasing rate and there is a concern that they won’t be as prepared for their first job as some of them would like to believe.

But rather than give up on this new generation, we believe that employers should be taking the initiative to help get them ready for their jobs and future careers. They are, after all, going to make up a pretty big chunk of the workforce in the coming years.

In order for things to work, Millennials need to take the initiative on steps that will help them build their future career into a success. To help them do that, we are going to give them some great tips on how they can prepare themselves for a successful future career. Take a look below for our first two:

  • Find a potential employer whose values match your own. If you happen to be a Millennial who places authenticity high up on their list of things you look for in a job–as most Millennials do–then take the initiative to ensure that you are finding the right company for you. While it might be great to land a gig at some very well-known company, if their mission and values don’t speak to you, then chances are you won’t want to contribute as much as you would for another company.
  • Find out what it means to be prepared. Likewise, take the time to scope out the company’s definition of preparedness. As we mentioned in previous posts, there is a large gap between most Millennials and business decision-makers when it comes to defining what it means to be prepared. Knowing what to expect before you apply will help you better meet their demands once you’re hired. And if you find that there is a huge disconnect between what you believe and what an employer believes, then you should really think about whether or not you want to work for them.

On Monday, we’ll talk some more about what Millennials can do to better prepare for their future careers. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts or questions by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Employers’ Career Fair Tips (Part II)

Yesterday, we talked about the value of utilizing career fairs as another part of your recruiting arsenal.

As we mentioned, though, working a career fair requires much more than just showing up and hoping for the best–especially if you want to get the most of out sending your recruiters there by finding great talent.

On essential tip that we already brought up was the importance of being prepared for anything and everything while you are at your booth, from your target audience, to print material/paperwork, to keeping your recruiters on the same page, as well as looking professional while you do all of the above.

To finish of our series, we are going to talk about another essential tip you must follow when working a career fair: being approachable. Take a look below:

Be approachable

Being prepared is a key element to having a good career fair trip, but to make it great one it is essential that you combine your preparedness with a little bit of approachability.

As we’ve discussed in the past, the candidate experience begins long before they are in your office for an interview. So while you might be ready to take on any questions thrown at you by a job-seeker, you have to make sure you can do it gracefully and professionally, because how they perceive you will affect how they look at your company, as well if they want the job.

Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Be active. Simply put, move around your booth. Stand up, come around, and shake hands with those who stop by. Those who take initiative are the ones who make the biggest (and the right) impressions, while those who just sit around behind the table look dull.
  •  Put the phone down. Perhaps you are worried about an important project you have back in the office or you just want to fight the lull during certain parts of the career fair. This, however, can cause you a lot of trouble.

    Chatting or checking emails on your phone is just plain rude. Not only does it show that you don’t want to be at the fair, it also sends a message to job seekers that you aren’t really looking for candidates, when, in fact, you are.

  • Be punctual. “First in, last out,” is how Shannon Smedstad of Blogging4Jobs puts it. In short, take full advantage of the time you are spending at the career fair. Sure, the early beginning and late end of career fairs can be dull, but that hardly means you shouldn’t put effort into either extreme. Going the extra mile is likely to pay off for you in the end, and it never hurts to be a little early.

Are there any other tips you follow when working a career fair? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Employers’ Career Fair Tips (Part I)

Spring is just around the corner and that means that it’s a special time of the year for recruiting: career fair season.

Career fairs are certainly a great recruiting tool for find the best talent around. To see what we mean, take a look at our previous post on why career fairs are not obsolete.

And right about now, recruiters should also be hitting college campuses in order to take full advantage of the job seekers who come from there in waves looking to work for the best companies around.

Whether you’re on a college campus or at a full-blown career fair, finding the right talent requires more than just showing up and hoping for the best. In order to get the most out of your career fair experience, we are going to talk about a few important tips to consider.

For today, we’re going to focus on the importance of coming to the career fair prepared. Take a look below:

Be prepared

Nothing is worse than coming to a career fair ill-prepared. Not only does it prevent you from effectively reaching out to probable candidates–because you are too busy fumbling around–but it also makes your company look bad, as well.

Simply put, you are the representative of your company at a career fair, so it is essential that you show up with everything ready. Here are a few things we suggest:

  • Find out who your target audience is. College aren’t the only places that host career fairs, so make sure you know who your audience is, whether they’re college students, professionals, etc.
  • Have enough print material/paperwork on hand. It should go without saying that job seekers will be hitting a dozen if not more booths besides yours, so make sure you have a physical copy of the job/company description that can help remind them of you.

    When printing, try to make more copies than you anticipate giving out. It’s always better to have too many copies than to make a job seeker have to go online and search around your website or worse, forget about your company altogether.

  • Keep your recruiters in the know. Make sure your recruiters are all on the same page before they meet at the career fair. That means a detailed understanding of the job description, multiple answers to possible questions, and a specific plan on how they will execute the hiring process. The last thing you want is conflicting information from two recruiters.
  • Looks are important. Naturally, the first a job seeker will see of your company is your booth and your recruiters. As such, it is important that everything looks as presentable as possible.

    Keep your booth clean and be sure that your company logo is visible from afar. You should also make sure your recruiters are dressed appropriately. If you office environment abides by a more casual dress code, then feel free to dress the part, just make sure it’s obvious to the job seeker so that they don’t get the wrong impression.

Check back tomorrow when we round off our posts on career fair tips for employers. In the meantime, are there any tips you follow when working a career fair? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Job Seekers: Why AIM Careerlink?

At the start of last week, we posed (and answered) the question: “What is AIM Careerlink?

But that post, along with most of our others from these past couple of weeks, was aimed mostly at employers. So what about employees and job seekers–why should AIM Careerlink matter to you?

Today, we’re going to answer that question and explain why you–as a job seeker–should seriously think about using AIM Careerlink when the time comes for your next job search.

Let’s break our answer down into a few sections. Here are four reasons that you should be using AIM Careerlink to find jobs:

  • We have the jobs. One of our biggest advantages is that we have the jobs. We currently have thousands of jobs from all across the country, all from legitimate employers who are looking for dedicated employees. No matter what type of job you’re looking for–from manufacturing, to sales, to engineering–we have thousands of jobs, all of which are accessible to you as a user of AIM Careerlink.
  • Our jobs are verified. Our other biggest advantage over other tools for job seekers is that our jobs are verified. You don’t have to worry about applying for a job and then showing up to find that it’s a waste of your time. All of our jobs are posted by legitimate employers and verified so you know that you’re searching and applying for good jobs.
  • You can passively search. Although you don’t need a profile to search jobs, you will need one to apply and upload a resume. If you do that, you can leave your resume and profile up in order to network and record opportunities in case you decide to switch positions. Our site is very friendly to passive searchers, as we offer strong tools for employers to search through resumes and profiles. All of that makes it easy for you to sit back and let the jobs come to you.
  • We help you get found. Going along with our helpful features for users who are only interested in passive searching, using AIM Careerlink can help you get found. All of our employers have access to unique, helpful tools for searching through job seekers’ profiles. What that means is that while you’re doing your own searching for jobs, employers are searching for you, too. It’s a two-way street and makes our job seeking process much more efficient than others out there.

When it comes to helping you find meaningful employment, AIM Careerlink has many advantages. We have the (verified) jobs, and our employers have the tools to find you, which really makes a difference when it comes time to find a new job.

So go ahead and take a look around our site for job seekers! And as always, if you have any questions about AIM Careerlink and how to use it, feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter or through our website.

AIM Careerlink Upgrade Packages: Branding Package

If you’ve been keeping up on our newly-revamped blog, or even if you’ve only spent a little bit of time browsing AIM Careerlink’s website (, you’ve probably figured out by now that AIM Careerlink offers an incredibly effective and diverse set of tools, for employers and job seekers alike.

Perhaps, though, you’ve seen AIM Careerlink’s feature list for employers and have decided that you’d like to get even more out of the tools we offer. We have many clients who want just that, and for them, we’ve created a couple of upgrade packages that you can add on to an existing Basic Unlimited Subscription for even more great features.

Today, we’re going to briefly cover our Branding Package, so that you can get a better idea of how AIM Careerlink’s unique and useful tools can be of great value to your business.

What is it?

As a brief review, a Basic Unlimited Subscription includes the following features (amongst others):

  • Unlimited job postings and user accounts
  • Unlimited access to our resume database
  • Online applicant tracking system
  • 24/7 access to your account and blog postings

But for employers who want more exposure to the best talent around, our Branding Package adds the following features:

  • Featured employers: You’ll get a great benefit of being an AIM member company: a logo on our Featured Employers page, which will link to your company profile.
  • Custom branded pages: While Basic Unlimited Subscriptions offer some profile customization, this upgrade allows you to customize your AIM Careerlink page so that it matches the look of your website. We can also change the careers section of your website over to an AIM Careerlink-powered page.
  • Banner ads: Your banner ads with the Branding Package will be geographically targeted, and will average about 10 million ad impressions per month.
  • Email blasts: With the Branding Package, you’ll also have access to AIM Careerlink email blasts–which means that we’ll send a monthly email to each of our markets on your behalf (this is a great way to get exposure).
  • Priority job sorting: Finally, all of your job postings with the Branding Package will get posted at the top of the postings list–and stay there.

Why use it?

On its own, our site over at AIM Careerlink–and the tools it offers–are already very effective. We have a long list of employers who have been incredibly satisfied with our site, and for employers hoping to recruit talent, AIM Careerlink is the best product around.

But if you’re in a hurry to hire someone, or even if you’re just interested in the additional branding benefits that our Branding Package offers, we certainly recommend the upgrade. The package makes it even more likely that good employees will see your company around our site and be drawn to your job postings–which is definitely never a bad thing.

Whichever route you choose–whether a Basic Unlimited Subscription, or that same subscription with one of our upgrade packages–we’re certain that you’ll be impressed with the recruiting results you’ll see when using AIM Careerlink.

For more information on our upgrade packages, see our upgrade package page. Or, to get started using AIM Careerlink to find the best talent around, consider registering online. And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our site or on any one of our social media networks which are linked at the bottom of our page.