Interview Questions: What Employers Should Want From Them and What Job Seekers Should Give (Part II)

Interview Questions--What Employers Should Want From Them and What Job Seekers Should Give (Part II)

In yesterday’s post, we started talking about the most common interview questions.

As we mentioned then, these questions are meant to help employers make an educated decision in regards to hiring a potential candidate. Yesterday, we gave you the fifth most common interview question according to Glassdoor: “Why do you want to leave your current company?” For today, we are going to give you the fourth and third of our countdown. Take a look below:

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? (Alternatively: What are your short and long term goals?)

Employers: This is a great way to gauge where the candidate currently stands in their professional career and personal life. Look for a response that is detailed and shows initiative, strong planning/organization skills, and good work/life balance. These types of questions should also help you figure out how long they plan to stay with your company, should you hire them. 

Job Seekers: Before you step into any interview, you need to have a good idea of what your career and personal goals are. The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is “I’m not quite sure,” or see you struggle to come up with a response, as it shows poor planning and lack of big-picture thinking. Also, stick to concrete and well-defined goals that are in your foreseeable future; the more realistic the goal, the better the outcome.

3. Why are you interested in working for [insert company name here]? (Alternatively: Why have you applied for this particular job?)

Employers: Now is the time to really see how serious the candidate is about applying for the job. First, their response should show that they’ve done their homework about the company and the position–an indicator that they’re detail oriented–and two, it should give you idea of how well they’ll fit into the company culture. It’s a good sign if they can point out the qualities that make your company stand out, and its mission/goals.

Job Seekers: The key to successfully answering this question is taking your qualities, skills, and characteristics and relating them to the company’s culture and goals. Stick to specifics about how your personality and professional experience can directly enhance the company or the position you are applying. What you want to avoid though is over embellishing your credentials, because if you get hired and can’t deliver the “goods,” then the odds will be stacked up against you.

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