3 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer (and Positive Employer Branding) via Social Media

We talk about employee branding a lot on this blog because it plays such an important role in recruiting and cultivating your company culture.

As a refresher, here’s the definition of employer branding that we gave you in our Employer Branding 101 post:

“the focus of employer branding is to enhance the overall image of the brand in order to attract prospective top talent, increase employee retention, etc.”

In short, the way you treat your employees from the time they are candidates (really even before) to a few years down the road helps determine how outsiders (read: potential candidates) see your company.

One part of the year where companies pay particular attention to their employees (though we think it should happen all-year-round) is the holiday season, making the holidays a great time of the year for strutting your “employer-branding” stuff.

To help you capitalize on that, here are a few ways to spread holiday cheer (and positive employer branding) via social media:

  1. Give a shout out to your employees on social media
    Recognizing your employees’ hard work is an important part of employer branding because it creates a sense of value among your employees. Along with thanking your employees personally–which we suggest first and foremost–take your gratitude to social media and tweet a little thanks, or make a post on Facebook and Google+. You don’t have to be specific (though some companies might go that route); a quick and simple ‘thanks’ is all you need to reinforce the recognition you’ve already given
  2. Show off your holiday party
    If you plan on having a holiday party this year, consider showing it off to the social media world. Taking the party to Instagram or Pinterest with some photos is a great way to show what your company is like–just make sure your employees are comfortable with you posting their pictures. You can also take photos of the decorations around the office, which is a great way to show off your holiday spirit and maybe even get your employees excited for the festivities to come.
  3. Highlight your charity of choice
    During this time of year, companies often partake in a charity event such as Toys for Tots, or a volunteer program at a shelter. Highlighting these efforts will not only show how thankful you are for the employees who join in on the charity, but also helps attract likeminded individuals to your company and culture.

Spreading the holiday cheer via social media is a great way to boost positive employer branding, and a great way to attract potential candidates.

And although social media certainly isn’t a be-all-end-all solution for boosting employer branding, it’s a good place to start. Especially over the holidays, customers, potential candidates, and passive readers alike are all looking for fun, cheerful content to get them in the spirit, and there’s no reason that your company can’t help contribute to that trend.

What you do think about spreading holiday cheer through social media? Is it necessary or a waste of time? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!