Employees: tackling the self-evaluation

being questioned by a boardThe end of the year can be stressful with all of the holiday parties, last-minute shopping, end-of-year projects, major deadlines, and company reviews.

So it’s no wonder that when your boss sends you an email about your upcoming self-evaluation that you might find yourself rolling your eyes and thinking “Great, not again.”

Self-evaluations can be difficult. More often than not, we find ourselves cringing at the idea of talking ourselves up and coming off as arrogant. And when it comes to writing a whole report about how great we are (while still staying professional)? Well, let’s just say most people have a hard time figuring out what exactly they should say.

There is a way you can write about the great job you are doing at work without coming off as self-centered, however. Here are a few tips on how to tackle self-evaluation. Take a look:

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