Leaders: 3 Reasons Why You Should Accept and Admit to Making Mistakes

3 Reasons Why You Should Accept and Admit to Making Mistakes

As a leader, whether of team, department or company, all eyes are on you. As such, it can be hard, if not embarrassing, to let on that you are a less than perfect person.

Making mistakes can happen to anyone—it just happens to seem like a bigger deal when a leader makes one. But quite the opposite of what many leaders think, you shouldn’t try to cover it up. Sure, employees likes to feel like they’re able to count on their leaders to get things done, but they also want to feel like they can trust their leaders, too—and that has a lot to do with how you handle making mistakes.

Today, we’re going to give three reasons why you should accept and admit to making mistakes in the public eye. Take a look below:

  • It shows that you’re human, not a robot. First things first, you’re human, so you’re bound to make a few mistakes every once in a while. Accepting that you make mistakes will make you seem more relatable to your employees because they can see that you are just like them. In turn, they will feel more comfortable to turn to you when they make mistakes themselves, giving you a chance to properly deal with them and prevent anything disastrous from happening. 
  • It’s a humbling gesture towards your employees. That brings us to our next point: if you happen to be in a situation where an employee is right and you are wrong, tell them they are right. Nothing is worse than throwing an employee under the bus in order to hide the fact that you messed up. Accepting that you’ve messed up and letting them know they were right is an extremely humbling gesture towards your employees and shows that you are responsible for your actions, which in turn strengthens their trust and confidence in you. 
  • It gives you a chance to actually fix your problems. Most importantly, accepting your mistakes gives you a chance to actually fix them, in turn preventing you from making the mistake again or from letting it blow up into a bigger mistake.

Accepting your mistakes can be hard, but as a leader, you are the one setting the example for the rest of your team. Make sure you do the right thing because in the end, it will affect how you employees see you as well as how you function as a leader.

photo credit: mugley via photopin cc