Careerlink Video: Using Video to Boost Recruiting

Yesterday, we talked about navigating your way through social media marketing trends, and which trends we thought stood out as the most important.

One of the trends we discussed was the rise of the micro-video. As we mentioned, AIM Careerlink offers employers a number of tools to help them find the top talent they need. One of those tools is Careerlink Video, a feature (along with many others) that you can add on to your Basic Unlimited Subscription by upgrading to our Branding Package.

There are two big reasons that using video will help enhance your recruiting process:

  • You’ll Attract Passive Candidates
    Not everyone poking around your company website is actively seeking employment, so finding a way to hook these potential candidates in is important. Videos are a fast and easy way to access information about a company–they require very little of the potential candidates. All that candidates have to do is press play to get the information they need, and that information will be provided to them in a visually exciting way–which is a great presentation method for passive candidates who may not be interested in devoting a lot of time to job seeking.
  • Videos: More Than Just Words
    That brings us to our next point: videos provide things that words cannot, and those things are images. You can tell a candidate all you want about how great your company culture is, but seeing it for themselves is a much more convincing way to get that message out there. Videos are a great way to boost recruiting, especially because they provide a different perspective on all of the other information you tell candidates about your company.

So why Careerlink Video? Careerlink Video builds on an already established subscription. By adding on this feature, your job listings will gain extra exposure that can only enhance the recruiting process.

Putting a video on YouTube may be easy, but that means competing with other videos that have little or nothing to do with looking for jobs. By choosing Careerlink Video, your job postings will all be in one central location, meaning that your postings will be much more structured and organized–and more likely to be exposed to the right people for you.

Want to find out more about how AIM Careerlink can help you find the top talent you need with the power of video? Check out our Careerlink Video page where you can find sample videos, and information about how the job listings will be posted. And remember, Careerlink Video is just one of the many tools you get when you upgrade to our Branding Package.