Is Social Media Worth It for Businesses?

In many ways, social media is incredible. Estimates last year found that nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide are on social media, making it an incredibly far-reaching method of communication.

And here on this blog, we’ve said before that social media can have great benefits for your brand. From boosting the effectiveness of your job postings, to helping you recruit new employees, and everything in between, social media has a lot of practical applications for brands today.

Even so, there’s no denying that social media platforms can be fickle, meaning that brands online have to be able to adapt at a moment’s notice unless they want to run the risk of losing out on precious time and resources.

Recently, contributor Jason Abbruzzese of online tech-site Mashable wrote about some of the roadblocks that companies have been faced with due to the constantly changing algorithms of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

For example, social media king Facebook went through quite a few changes within the year 2013 alone. As a result, brands began to see a decline in their organic reach, which in turn affected a lot of the time brands spent building a following.

Facebook’s recommendation? Increase your ad buys in order to offset the decline.

As Jason noted, “[Facebook’s] move highlighted a frustrating reality for advertisers: Social media efforts operate at the whims of companies that own the platforms.”

And, because social media happens to be such an important tool, Jason argues that there’s not much companies can do other than to adapt or look for ways to supplement their Facebook advertisements.

So, is social media worth it for businesses seeking to build their online presence?

Here’s our takeaway: Yes (and no).

Social media platforms are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to getting your brand and company out there. That being said, you shouldn’t become a slave to them all, and one way to fight that is by having a keen sense of what social media platform your target audience goes on.

By being able to properly identify where your target audience gathers online, you can increase the effectiveness of your time on social media, making your business less susceptible to big changes like Facebook’s that we mentioned above.

This also serves as reminder that you should have a well-balanced and well-rounded recruiting tool kit. Doing so can help you weigh out the options of how much time, effort and money you should put towards tools like Facebook, any other social media platform, mobile recruiting apps, etc.

Relying too much on one thing is never a good idea. As with the case of social media platforms, the worse case scenario would be that you would have to shell out a lot to pay for advertising that may or may not be fool proof, which can be a pretty risky move.

If nothing else, this is a statement of our support of social media—but only if used correctly. Too many brands haphazardly get online and hope for the best, and that’s not acceptable any more. Social media is only worth it for businesses if they put in the right amount of time and effort into crafting a well-rounded (and well-executed) online strategy.

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