Skills As The New Currency

Gone are the days when employment decisions were based solely on education and years of experience. In today’s highly technical job market, skills are quickly becoming the new currency for candidate selection. Mastery of job skills works very much in tandem with, and may even trump, educational advancements, such as degrees and certificates, in determining whether a candidate is an ideal fit for any position. The right personality and work ethic paired with adequate education and spot-on skillsets can make a job candidate stand out.

When seeking the perfect fit for a specific position within the IT workforce, employers are now basing hiring decisions predominantly on relevant skillsets. It is important for an employer to determine what skills the potential candidate must possess. That is why job search engines such as AIM Careerlink provide the opportunity to seek out potential employees based on the skills they possess, while providing the opportunity for job seekers to find open positions by searching their own skillsets.

AIM Careerlink offers a “skill-based system” through which “a clear relationship can be made through these elements as employers link these skills to their advertisements for job openings, students link them to their profile and instructors link them to their curriculum” explains Brad McPeak, Senior VP & Director, Midwest Center for IT. To find out more about how AIM Careerlink can help fill your employment gaps, visit

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