Silicon Prairie News sits down with Proxibid’s CTO Greg Nichols


Greg Nichols is the CTO of Proxibid, an online auction platform for highly valuable items. Photo by Molly Misek.

Greg Nichols is Senior Vice President and CTO of Proxibid. Last week, SPN sat down with Nichols to discuss the local talent pool, ecommerce and his participation in this year’ s C-Level auction

Online marketplace Proxibid has experienced another year of high growth, beginning with a partnership with eBay announced in February. Revenue increased by 11% in Q2, driven by the heavy machinery and collectible car markets. In August Proxibid also received significant growth capital investment from Primus Capital, and the company is currently in hiring mode to keep up with its reach. 

SPN: Recently the CEO of ConAgra said they are leaving Omaha because they are looking for a better talent pool. As a CTO, what’s been your experience finding talent in the area?

GN: As it relates to technology, the talent pool is tight. It’s tight across the country, for the most part. I think all technology people are looking for interesting problems to solve. Our experience [at Proxibid] has been that if we present ourselves as a viable option with interesting problems to solve, we get our fair share. But it is tight. Not putting all our eggs in one basket, we are looking at leveraging a development company in Costa Rica in a long-term consulting role. In case we can’t find the talent we’re looking for in Omaha, we have another avenue. Flexibility is key.

Omaha is a city that has great tech talent. It’s also a close-knit community, where technology professionals get together regularly and share ideas. If I had a problem that I wanted some input on, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask other leaders for help and direction. The tech leadership in Omaha is solid.

SPN: How’s Proxibid doing?

GN: Proxibid is really doing well. We are rapidly growing. We are looking to hire information technology professionals, sales professionals and other ancillary professionals across the company. We’re actively growing from our traditional roots in the live auction space into more of a “Buy Now / Make Offer” model. So we have lots to build and lots of interesting problems to solve.

In February we signed an agreement with eBay which has jazzed up our sellers a bit. It’s causing a bit of a stir in the industry. In addition we’re trying to extend our footprint into Europe and the UK as well.


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