Resume Advancements Enhance Individuality! And, we love it!

uniqueIf you caught our blog that told you how to design one epic resume a few months back, you know that resumes have come a long way from lists and Microsoft Word. And, we’re excited that the year 2015 is bringing new and exciting advancements and enhancements to the traditional resume.

With a huge shift to visuals and digital formats as well as added credit given to the potential value of an employee, the resume has shifted from a predominantly informative document to one of persuasion. Using charts and graphs to highlight accomplishments, video to display personality and character, and more of an audience-centric scope, resumes are quickly becoming less and less uniform.

Now you can set yourself apart from the competition by truly showing who you are as an individual, what value you can potentially add to potential employers, and how you fit with company culture. Our hope is that this personalization of the application process will streamline the hiring process and reduce the number of bad hiring decisions. After all, fitting company culture is essential to employee and employer satisfaction. Employers can see our blog article on ensuring the proper candidate for your company culture.

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