When to Reassess Your Company Culture (And How to Change It): Part I

We talk about company culture a lot–and for good reason.

Having a company culture that is both fun and efficient can do wonders with helping your company grow.

Unfortunately, many companies are unsure about where to start. In this two-part post, we’re going to give you a quick guide on when to reassess your company culture, and how to change it for the better.

How often should you be thinking about your company culture?

Believe it or not, you really should be thinking about your company culture all the time. Ideally, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your company.

But that doesn’t mean that you should fret over every little thing and try to change things with the snap of your fingers. Instead, think about keeping a list of notes on what you think should be changed about your company culture.

This makes it easier to map out what changes are absolutely necessary, and what changes would be a plus, but can wait. In turn, changes to company culture will be executed in a much more efficient manner, giving you the maximum benefits.

With that in mind, here are signs that it may be time to reassess your company culture:

Your company is expanding and becoming more diverse.

As your company gets bigger and diversifies, so will your company culture. If this happens, start thinking about your goals and mission, and see if they match the direction you find your company evolving towards.

Your company is struggling with communication.

Communication is key to running an efficient company, and one way to ensure that your employees are communicating properly is through having a great company culture with clear ideals and goals. If you see a lack of communication amongst your employees, that may be an indication that it’s time to change the way you operate daily.

One branch of your company is excelling, while others aren’t.

If you see that one branch of yours doing much better than the others, try to find the source. Although it obviously could be any number of things, you shouldn’t rule out company culture as a source of tension. Is there too much stress on employees, or not enough organization to get things done? Many of the sources you’ll find can actually be traced back to a problem with the culture at work.

There’s no magic date or number when it comes to reassessing (some companies assess every six months), but we think it should happen somewhat frequently. Keeping your company culture up to date is a great way to help improve your organization.

Check back tomorrow when we talk about how to change your company culture. In the mean time, if you have any questions or comments, let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!