Re-Recruiting: Putting Your Ideas Into Action

Over the past few days, we’ve outlined why it’s a good idea to consider re-recruiting your top talent, and showed you how to set up your re-recruiting efforts.

And today, we’re going to wrap up our series by showing you how to put your re-recruiting efforts into action, as well as some final thoughts by Dr. Sullivan. Here are a few final things to consider when putting your re-recruiting ideas into action:

Approaching an employee to re-recruit them

  • It might be difficult to approach an employee and try to re-recruit them. To avoid looking (or acting) awkward, plan ahead. Figuring out what you want to say ahead of time will make things much easier. This is pretty standard stuff, but can be easy to forget for what seems like a simple situation.

Identify internal re-recruiters and help sources

  • Creating a team that specifically concentrates on re-recruiting your employees can help with retention significantly. But if you don’t have to resources to do so, you can always give that responsibility to your managers and get your recruiters involved by having them give advice on recruiting.


  • This one is extremely important. Always make sure that you are re-evaluating your efforts. Find out what works and what doesn’t (you can always ask your employees) and improve your methods from there.

Other things to consider

Finally, here are some other suggestions (adapted from Dr. Sullivan) that you should keep in mind:

  • Get help in identifying who, why and what makes your employees frustrated. Ask your employees to help. Who do they really value you on their team, and why? What makes them frustrated about their job, and why? Going to the source will probably get you the best info out there.
  • Understand external offers. We mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Learn what talent other companies are seeking and how this might affect you, and use that knowledge to drive your re-recruiting.
  • Prepare an instant response. Should an external offer come along, don’t wait until the last moment to figure out a counteroffer. Plan ahead.
  • Make praise and recognition routine. We think that employee recognition is pretty important for a lot of reasons. To learn more, check our post here.

Suffice to say, re-recruiting is an extremely valuable asset to have in your arsenal of talent-acquisition tools. At AIM careerlink, we focus on getting top talent through your door–but we also focus on keeping them there, too.