6 Reasons Why Re-Recruiting Is a Good Idea

We’ve mentioned Dr. Sullivan on this blog before. As an internationally recognized leader in HR, Dr. Sullivan’s thoughts and wisdom have appeared in numerous major business sources and media outlets.

Recently, Dr. Sullivan wrote a piece that was featured on ERE.net–and it was a doozy. The article, titled, “Winning ‘the War to Keep Your Employees’ Requires Re-Recruiting Your Top Talent was extensive, outlining why (and how) you should re-recruit your employees.

Suffice it to say, the article was a lot to chew on, so over the next few days, we’re going to break the article down.

Today, we will start with why you should consider re-recruiting employees.

Here are some key points from Dr. Sullivan:

  1. Re-recruiting can keep employees out of a rut
    According to Dr. Sullivan, even your best performers can get restless–as often as every 18 months–so provide them with new opportunities as much as possible.
  2. Employees have continual contact with recruiters
    How often do you think your employees are being contacted by other companies? Chances are, your best employees are being contacted as many as five times a week. Even if your employees aren’t actively seeking new jobs, social media and technology have made it much easier for recruiters to find them–meaning that a nice job offer might just hook them in–which is something you should keep in mind.
  3. Re-recruiting makes internal offers more exciting
    According to Dr. Sullivan, re-recruiting works because it is based on the principle that top performers and innovators want 3 things: continuous excitement, to be doing the best work of their life, and to have a significant impact. Dr. Sullivan suggests that sharing the responsibilities of re-recruiting will help increase the likelihood that no employee falls through the cracks when it comes to providing offers that meet each of these factors.
  4. Unexpected recognition can be powerful
    We’ve mentioned the value of employee recognition before. Re-recruiting is one way to let your employees know how much you value their work and productivity. But, as with any kind of employee recognition, make sure that your re-recruiting efforts are authentic and not just a counter-offer to some other company’s recruiting efforts.
  5. Being first with an offer has an impact
    Along with that, making the first offer can do a lot to make an impact on your employee and reaffirm the importance of their role in the company – lessening the chances of them leaving.
  6. Typical internal opportunities are not driven by competition
    Whether your employees are receiving offers from external recruiters or not, it’s best to go with the assumption that they are. Be aware of the competition out there and make an offer that gives your company a competitive edge over other companies–showing your employees that you don’t take them for granted.

Your top employees may not readily show signs of restlessness. Even so, you shouldn’t wait up until the point that they do.

Check back tomorrow to see how set up your re-recruiting efforts. In the mean time, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter–we’d love to know your thoughts on re-recruiting.